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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 30 – Onward (Security Checkpoint to The Wall)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/13/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Onward", where Issac must search for the rest of his crew on the surface Tau Volantis after the shuttle crash.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 30 – Onward (Security Checkpoint to The Wall)

Head to the Security Checkpoint with the flare beyond the Waystation. Now that Issac has the Arctic Survival Suit on he is cleared to move forward. The blizzard intensifies on the far side of the Checkpoint. This means Issac is counting much more on hearing than sight for this next part. Use the locator beam to keep your bearing as Issac presses on through the storm. Head around the bend to the left. It is when Issac is approach the remains of the gate that he will come under attack. These are a different kind of Waster, called Fodder. They attack with Pickaxes. This means that Issac can shoot off their arms, grab the axe with Kinesis and throw it back at them. It also means that taking out the torso of the legs results in tentacles spawning and the Necromorph rushing at Issac.

With that one dismembered head through the gate and down the corridor it came out of. This leads to a small cavern with crates, bodies and a ladder. Take some time to explore the cavern to get the items it can yield. Issac will have to fight through a few more of the Fodder Necromorphs after that as well. Be sure to release a Scavenger Bot around here to collect some resources while you are at it. After that take the ladder up to the walkway above in the wind.

On top o the structure, follow it as the locator beam indicates. Cross the first part of the Snow Crawler and it will give a little. On the far side Issac can smash open a box to get some loot. Head toward the front to start a button sequence to get Issac into and through the cab of the Snow Crawler. Follow the prompts and he should have little trouble making his way through.

Once through the blizzard will abate some. Go forward down the slope and into the cave that is ahead of Issac. As he rounds the first bend inside the cave he will be attacked by a pair of Snow Slashers. Just head on through the rest of the cave and out toward the wall that S.C.A.F built. Carver is waiting on top of the wall. He will call down to Langford that more Necromorphs are coming from the other side of the wall He will also tell Issac to hurry and get into Central Command to meet with the rest of the group.

Head through the door to the right of the cargo lift to get inside the building itself. Turn to the left inside the building to find a generator. Hit it repeatedly with Kinesis to fire it up and get the Suit Kiosk and the Work Bench running. Take some time to go over what weaponry Issac has. He will want stuff that severs limbs and fires quickly. If possible, throw on the Stasis Coating on both Issac's weapons. Things will be a lot easier with that set up. Take a little time to also upgrade Issac's RIG if you did not earlier. With all that done, step out of the room with everything and head on over to the Elevator. Take it on up to trigger the next part of the scene.

The massive Necromorph will make another appearance, this time attacking Issac. Here is where the Stasis and the severing comes in. First by blasting it with Stasis to slow it down. Now aim for the orange part of its tentacles to sever them. This is just the first shot. This Necromorph will reveal more Tentacles around the center of its body. Once again, hit it with Stasis and use the same weapon to blast these off as well. Keep in mind that it is best to aim for the base of the tentacle where the orange spot is for a quick removal. Be sure to roll whenever it rears back from Issac as it is about to lunge. You will need to get through both sets of tentacles twice. Once Issac does this Necromorph will retreat and collapse a walkway giving Issac a way up to the top of the wall.