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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 28 – Side Missions: Supply Depot (Workshop to Entryway Hall)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/13/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Supply Depot", where Issac searches a Supply Depot for lost resources and supplies that he can use.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 28 – Side Missions: Supply Depot (Workshop to Entryway Hall)

Head out the Workshop and start toward the central part of the building. Head on forward down the corridor and into the Machinery Room. Take the ladder down to the level below and start toward the other side of the room. Here there is a single power cell and a few things that run on it. Unfortunately as Issac moves forward he will be ambushed by a number of Snow Slashers and Pukers. When all the Necromorphs are dead then Issac can reach the Power cell that is pulled into something at the bottom of the short set of stairs. Now take it up those stairs and plug it into the socket to the left of the nearby door. When Issac opens this door once again he will be attacked by by a slasher if he did not just charge in. There are 2 Slashers in the room hanging on the ceiling. This means he can easily engage them one at a time. While in this small room be sure to look along the shelving on the right. There Issac can find the Repeater Weapon Part with other resources as well.

With everything cleared from that room head on out of it. Grab the Power Cell with Kinesis again and take it over to the left. There is another large door that needs to be powered. Plug the Power Cell into the slot to the left of it. Head through the door into the small chamber beyond it. Loot the containers on the left then move into the next room. Head to the far end and turn around. This room has a lift but Issac must Bypass it using the nearby panel. Once the lift is called Isac will be attacked by 5 Snow Slashers. Immediately head for the lift and take it up. This cuts the immediate number down to 2 which is far more manageable. It also forces the Necromorphs below to come up in a singular fashion, making them even easier to deal with. Defeat them all then head through the nearby door.

Inside this room Issac will find a Work Bench, lockers and a text log. The Text Log is opposite the lockers. Use the bench to collect any materials and to change out any weaponry that needs it. If Issac does not have a Tungsten Torque Bar, now is a very good time to craft one as it will be needed soon. Grab all of that then head through the doors into the Construction Chamber that lies beyond it.

Inside this room things simply start calm but they will not be for too long. Head into the chamber and over to the left. On the left-hand side of the raise walkway is the mechanism to lower it. Once Issac does so he will be under attack by a lot of Necromorphs. Largely it will be Snow Slashers and Pukers. Using burst of Stasis helps a lot to control the flow of this battle and make it a lot more manageable. Once they are dealt with head across the walkway and to the left to continue toward the construction chamber proper.

After Issac passes through the next door look ahead to the right. Here is where he will find the Toque Bar Door. Behind it he will find supplies and the blueprints for the weapon: Heavy Metal Thunder. Grab whatever else Issac can find and make a very quick trip back to the Work Bench to off load it. Now return to the Torque Room and head across the hall, through the door opposite.

In this, and the next few room, there seem to be no Necromorphs.. Take the ladder down and head over to the left. Head through the door at the bottom of the ladder. Head through the next 2 rooms into the Entryway Hall. Head around the bend and through the door under the “On3 Of Us” sign. Things are about to pick up again.