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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 26 – Onward (Pump Access Room to Waystation Exit)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/12/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Onward", where Issac must finish Navigating the Waystation to find the Suit Kiosk to get geared up.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 26 – Onward (Pump Access Room to Waystation Exit)

This second pump piston has 6 circuits to be aligned. It will take a little longer to complete but it is not a hard puzzle:
Top: 2 Kinetic Blast. Orange Strip fuse should be facing out from the rest.
Top Right: None
Lower Right: 1 Kinetic Blast. Orange strip fuse should be away from the rest.
Lower Circuit: 2 Kinetic Blast. 3 Line fuse should be facing down.
Lower Left: 1 Kinetic Blast. Thin fuse should be facing outward.
Top Left: 1 Kinetic Blast. 3 Line fuse should be facing outward.

With that all set up and the circuit complete, interact with the screen to the right to activate the piston here. When this piston is activated a number of Feeders will come rushing from the vents to the right of the control panel. Kill them all.

When the Feeders are dead move back to where the second piston, Jenny, travels. Once again, hit it with Stasis. Now run down the socket and out through the first left. Head down to the end of the corridor and up the ladder there.

At the top of the ladder, loot the lockers in front of Issac then turn around and head along the Catwalk. Head forward into the control room for the pump room. Inside here Issac can find the Supply Depot key on the consoles to the right overlooking the pistons. This gives Issac an Optional Mission to be completed a bit later. After that continue forward past the door to find the blue prints for the Medic Support handgun. Now go through the door.

This will finally give Issac access to the Suit Kiosk he spotted when he first came in here. Change over to the Arctic Survival Suit. Take a little time to also upgrade Issac's RIG with the resources that have been gathered since. When you finish there have Issac approach the gate. It will only let you through if Issac is wearing the Survival Gear. Once it clears you, have Issac use Kinesis to open the gate. On the other side there is an audio log that can be found. After that, take the elevator in front of Issac up to the top level. This takes Issac back to the top of the Waystation. Take a little time to head over to the bench and change out the weaponry Issac has to something that can boost his melee abilities. While it is never recommended to take on Necromorphs in melee, sometime it just cannot be avoided.

Head on outside it is time to head to the Supply Depot that Issac learned about in the pump station. As he is properly equipped to handle the weather now he can now be outside as long as he wants. Head over to the right from the entrance of Pump Station. Take a little time to head into the smaller area to the left as Issac is leaving the Way Station to the right. In this area he can find a Stasis Coating Weapon Part. Take a moment to also release a Scavenger Bot in this area to get more supplies. Just be careful as there are 3 Snow Slashers that can ambush him in this area. After that head on back to the Depot for the Optional Mission or just head over to the left and toward the gate.