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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 24 – Off The Grid (Aloha Station to Waystation)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/12/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Off The Grid", where Issac will find Buckell who explains what happened to the rest of the crew.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 24 – Off The Grid (Aloha Station to Waystation)

Head out from the small room with the generator and then out toward the flare just beyond the door Issac came through. Head around the wall to the left and under the structure. By the boxes Issac will find a ladder leading up to the top of structure. Take it there then run forward to the next enclosed space.

Again, once Issac is inside, his body temperature will hold. Head around the wall in front of him and turn to the right. There he will find the generator for this area. Once again spin it up with Kinesis. This will warm the area and ensure give Issac access to to a Work Bench. Be sure to turn around and look on the desk opposite the generator to find the blue prints for the Bolas Gun. Grab it and then head over to the work bench. Modify Issac's weapons if needed and off load all the parts that he has gathered as he wandered the surface looking for Ellie and the rest of the crew. Take one more minute to loot the nearby lockers and then head on out and into the cold once again.

Once outside start running down the Catwalk toward the end of it. There Issac will find a Cargo elevator that will take him down to the catwalk below. Run forward and over to the right into the piping there. When inside the pipe turn to the right and look on the floor. There is a circuit there for +2 Damage, -1 Rate of Fire. Continue on forward after that and when it collapses in front of Issac just wait for it to finish falling.

When Issac is back on the snow turn to the right and head under the structure. Continue forward until you spot the flare. Turn to the right of the flare and head into the nearby room. When inside, look to the left to find the generator. Spin it up with Kinesis. Now, go over to the right to find the Compressor Weapon Part. Now that Issac is warmed up and he has the new weapon part, head on outside and continue to follow the pipeline.

A ways out from the structure, past where the pipe collapsed, Issac is going to be ambushed by a number of Snow Slashers. There are 3 total and they will attack when Issac approaches the entrance to the facility. At present Issac cannot enter the facility as he lacks the keycard needed. Turn around from the facility entrance and take the ladder up.

At the top of the ladder run over to the left. Issac will find a S.C.A.F. Artifact here and across from the ladder, more ammo. Now head on down the ladder and run along the pipe line. There is another Snow Slasher and a Waster that will attack Issac as he makes for the next structure. Kill them quickly and get inside as Issac is likely below 20 Celsius.

Inside the structure look over to the right. There Issac will find the generator to spin up with Kinesis but also a second Scavenger Bot. When the generator spins up, Issac automatically gets the next audio log. Search the room a little on the left-hand side to find another Text Log. With all that gathered, head on out the door opposite the one Issac came in to advance. Once outside Issac must continue his run toward the next structure. As he does he will encounter 3 more Snow Slashers. Pick them off if at all possible and press forward. Follow the flares to the right of the next building. There are a number of Snow Slashers and a Puker that will attack Issac along this route. Just keep moving, killing them when necessary only. When Issac reaches the flare by the structure look toward it to find the entrance. Head inside and continue into the second room. There Issac will find Buckell who brings Issac up to speed on what the rest of the crew did. If you want to find one more weapon part, continue to on outside from where you found Buckell and Issac can find a warm room with a Tesla Core Weapon Part. After that, head back to where Buckell rests and on to the next chapter.