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Dead Space 3 – Crafting Weapons Guide: Tools
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/11/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers the Tools available to Issac to build weapons with.

Dead Space 3 – Crafting Weapons Guide: Tools

These are what determine what kind of weapon that you will make. Using the either Upper or Lower Tool Slots you can modify the weapon to make it into what you are after. These determine what kind of attack the weapon will have.

Military Engine:
A military weapon used by S.C.A.F. Forces. Used to make auto and semi-auto fire weapons.
Location: Repair to Ride, behind the Tungsten Torque Bar Door.

Plasma Core:
A cutting tool that fires ionized plasma fuel. Crafts varients on the Plasma Cutter.
Location: History's Ember. In starting chamber of the Chapter.

Pneumatic Torch:
An incendiary device fueled by compressed gas. Used to make a Flamethrower.

Rip Core:
A short-range suspended saw blade tool.

Survey Charge:
A seismic tool that fires explosive canisters. Grenade Launchers can be made with the right frames.
Location: Off The Grid. Go forward from the wreckage. It is to the left past the first round of fires.

Telemetry Spike:
A mining tool that fires tempered allow bolts.
Location: C.M.S. Greely. Behind the Tungsten Torque Bar room.

Tesla Core:
An engine for high-current electric welding. Line guns and Line beams.
Location: The Lost Flotilla: Rescue Ellie. Far end of the Cargo bay, next to the locked door.

Hydraulic Engine:
A cutting tool resembling a bayonet, used for clearing large areas. Increased melee damage when used.
Location: C.M.S. Terra Nova: Cargo Hold. To the far right of the door.