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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 22 – Mayhem (Space Walk)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/8/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Mayhem", where Issac must track down various Sateillites and extract an engine for the shuttle.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 22 – Mayhem (Space Walk)

Time for a long time out in the vacuum of space. If possible, get to a Suit Kiosk and fully upgrade Issac's Oxygen supply. It is very easy to do and does not take too long. Otherwise just head toward the marker. Once you arrive, Norton is there and not exactly the most chipper person. Start by using Kinesis on the paneling along the side of the engine. Grab the pieces and throw them away from the debris. After that, you will find a number of levers inside that need to be turned. Once again, use Kinesis to get the job done. Look to the right after you pull the first one out. Likely a Lurker has appeared on some of the nearby debris. Move in and kill it then return to the task on hand. Once the 3 plates holding the engine are removed then look at the base of the engine. Move so Issac has a clear view (and kill any remaining lurkers) so Issac can extract the engine.

Satellite #1
Head Straight out from the SK-1P platform. Issac will have little trouble finding the first Satellite. Approach it and get over the top of it. Interact with it and you will get the first of the Flight recorders.

Satellite #2
Look to the left, into the center of the Roanoke. From the first satellite Issac can spot the next 2 at a distance. Move in carefully and destroy any mines that are in your way. There is also a Lurker who can be found nearby as well.

Satellite #3
Turn toward the Conical Part of the Roanoke. Head around it to the right. On the other side Issac will find the final satellite he is looking for.

With the 3 Flgiht Recorders, all Issac has to do now is head back into the Roanoke and assemble a flight box at a bench. Just head inside and go over to the bench where the others were working on things. Once there just interact with the bench and Issac will automatically assemble it. Now just head back outside to the Shuttle. Head to the nose of the shuttle and open up the same hatch you used to install the remote control. Install the flight data in there then it is time for Issac to head into the shuttle.

Once inside, a cutscene runs. Then it is time for Issac to get the Oxygen Injectors lined up and in place. Just grab them with kinesis, line them up in the sockets and give them a second burst to lock them into place. After that head to the cockpit and it is time for Ellie and Issac to take the shuttle down onto the planet.

Things do not go smoothly for the approach. Issac is manning the guns. He can target up to 10 things in a given burst. Keep this in mind for when the minds and everything else is coming at you. If you can get 7 full burst off, there is an achievement waiting for you. From there just struggle to get through it. The movement controls move the shuttle around while the look lets you move the reticule.  Shoot whatever comes at the shuttle and it should not be too hard to make it through. The shuttle breaks apart at the very end of the flight so just hold on. When Issac reaches back for Ellie the struggle is over.