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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 20 – Repair to Ride (Tram Station To Refueling Station)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/8/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Repair to Ride", where Issac must head for the Shuttle Bay to get the shuttle over to the Roanoke.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 20 – Repair to Ride (Tram Station To Refueling Station)

Head on out of the tram station and over to the left. Go on through the door there and process over to the left. By the Tungsten Torque Door Issac can find the Military Engine Weapon Part. Go to the left and up the stairs to find another place to release the Scavenger Bot to find a lot of resources. Behind the Torque door you will find materials.

With the looting done return to the Tram station and head on toward the right-hand door now. Before going through, be sure that Issac has a full Stasis charge. If you need a quick boost, there is a Stasis Recharge station next to the door. Interact with the elevator and a Hunter will appear at the base of the stairs nearby Issac. Freeze it and hit the call button. Keep it in Stasis until the elevator arrives. After that just run in and hit the button on the right-hand side of the door. This will take Issac up to the Shuttle Repair Bay. He sees the shuttle and knows it a piece of work. Now he needs to search for 3 remote pieces so it can be guided to the Roanoke for further repairs. Follow the catwalk up to the cargo  elevator by the lockers. Take it on down.

Head off this elevator carefully. Here he will be attacked by a few Exploders, and some Leapers as well. This is just the first part. As long as Issac is in this area there is a fairly constant flow of Exploders. Head on down the ramp to the right and to the metal shelving. Look around there to find the first of the 3 Remote Pieces Issac needs to create his control device. Now return to the Cargo lift and take it up a level. At the top he will be attacked by 3 Leapers and an Exploder. Head over to the second call button that rests near where Issac came in. This will get Issac to the Multi-axis Gondola. Use it to get across to the opposite side of the shuttle bay.

On the far side of the Shuttle Bay go over to the left and around tot he end of the Catwalk. There Issac can find the Stasis Support Weapon Part. On his way, he will pass a Work bench and be attacked by a few Exploders. This will be handy when it is time to build the remote. Now take the nearby Cargo Elevator down to the level below. The second piece of the Remote Relay is found directly in front of Issac. Back up toward the elevator and head to the left from there, do not take the ramp down. Over to the left Issac will be able to find the third piece sitting on the metal shelving at the far end there. Now run back to the cargo elevator and take it up to the work bench. Interact with the bench and Issac will build the remote he needs.

Head over to the Multi-axis Gondola and have it go to the middle stop. This will take Issac down to the Nose cone of the shuttle. Use Kinesis to open the panel in front of Issac. After that, place the Remote onto the shuttle. The team will be able to see the shuttle but its fuel lines were flushed before anyone would work on it. Head back over to the right-hand side and go to the left. Take the Cargo Elevator down and get off it to the right. Head on through the door there and up the ladder. Head forward from the top of the ladder to just past the intersection of the paths to the right. On this level platform is where Issac will want to redeploy his Scavenger Bot. Now head down the left-hand catwalk. Issac will be attacked by a trio of Wasters. Kill them then continue on down the catwalk to the elevator. Before taking the elevator down head to the opposite side. Look to the left, deal with the Waster then head up the ramp. Go through the doorway on the left and down the ladder. Look around the base of the ladder to find a circuit box with a +1 Damage, +1 Clip Circuit. After that, return to the Cargo Elevator and take it up. Head into the control room in front of Issac and over to the left. He will find the Fuel Nozzle controls there. Interact with them to move the nozzle into position. After that, loot the room and head out to the platform. Look to past the lockers to find another Circuit that gives +1 Rate of Fire, +1 Damage. After that head on out to the end of the platform and use Kinesis to connect the Fuel Nozzle to the shuttle.