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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 19 – Side Missions: Conning Tower (Environmental Control to Completion)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/8/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Conning Tower", where Issac must search Conning Tower for supplies and to learn about Edwards.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 19 – Side Missions: Conning Tower (Environmental Control to Completion)

Take the elevator on up to Environmental Control. The room is covered with the words, “I want to live”. Edwards is determined to thwart this soldiers. Turn to the right and look at the rotating fan blades. Use Stasis to slow them down. Now, use Kinesis on the ends of each of the 3 blades to pull the coils off them. This will shut down the gravity well that Edwards created to block off all progress toward him. With that, head back to the elevator and take it on down. Time to back track to the gravity well and cross it. Head on back to the room with the second ladder leading to the bench. Here Issac will be attacked by 2 Slashers and a Lurker. After he descends the ladder 2 more Slasher will attack from the right of the ladder, bursting out from the coffins there. From there head to the bench, switch out whatever weapons you need to, then head on up the ladder. From there go to the left and over to the door that was previously blocked by the gravity well. Take the elevator on up to the third floor of Conning Tower.

Here Issac will find the corpse of Edwards. Approach and search to trigger the audio log.  After that head over to the right and ride the cargo elevator up. Head over to the door there and Issac will find it is locked. Time to head back down to Level 2 and get to the Bunk House to grab the key. Head into the elevator and do just that.

Once on Level 2 Issac can immediately grab some loot and a text log. After that go forward and grab the key from the box. Take a little time to explore the room to get all the boxes. After that return to the elevator and take it back up to Level 3. Ride the cargo elevator up to the storage room and go on inside. Issac will find 3 Spare Parts Boxes, 2 Circuits ( +Rate of Fire, +1 Clip and +1 Reload, +1 Damage), and the Medic Support Weapon Part.. Loot it all then head on down the cargo lift.

Edwards will come onto the speakers one more time. He orders the computer to blow the remaining chargers. This means another round of destroying Necromorphs. This is larger Slashers, Pukers and a few Lurkers. Nothing too hard. Kill them all then get to the elevator and take it on down to Level 1. Head to the nearby bench down the ladder. Things are not too pressing but you can likely make the Force Gun and a Torque Bar or two. This is good for some of what is coming to deal with a larger crowd. After that, head on back toward the Tram to get to the aft section.

Exit out of the room to the Middle Station Access Room. Pass through to the Armory. Here Issac will be ambushed from the vent on the right by a Puker. Take it out then press on. Get over to the Cargo Elevator and take it on up. Head through the nearby door and start down the stairs in the next room. Issac will be ambushed by 2 Exploders now. One from in front and one behind him. Take them out quickly to avoid getting killed. Get through the door once the bits stop falling. Heal up and head into the next room Issac has to worry about an ambush of 2 Pukers and 2 Slashers here. Get through them quickly. Here is where close range burst are especially helpful.

Things do not get any easier on the other side of the door. Issac has to fight through a number of crawling Slashers, a few lurkers and an Exploder. Take out the Exploder as quickly as possible to avoid what it can do to you. After that fight just take the ladder or the stairs down and keep on your path out of this area. Just head to the right after that and go on through to the tram. From there  just take the short ride to the Aft Section to finish out the present main mission.