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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 18 – Side Missions: Conning Tower (Armory to Environmental Control Elevator)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/8/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Conning Tower", where Issac must search Conning Tower for supplies and to learn about Edwards.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 18 – Side Missions: Conning Tower (Armory to Environmental Control Elevator)

Once inside the Armory immediately go to the right and investigate the console there. Issac can find a circuit for +1 Reload, +1 Clip. Now head to the left and take the cargo elevator down to the lower level of this room. Head forward and over to the right. Be careful as 2 Slashers will break out of the coffins to your left. They attack as Issac crosses “Don't Say I Didn't Warn You”. Start backing up toward the Cargo Elevator. Use Stasis to quickly freeze them and take them out without much difficulty. After that, just head through the rest of the Armory to the door with the label “Your Funeral”.

On the other side Issac needs to face down another Slasher Necromorph who will attack him from the coffins on the right. Quickly take it out and head into the next room. Head along the walkway until Issac hears Edwards again. He has reversed the gravity plating in a portion of the area. You can see the effects as a Slasher Necromorph will get plastered to the ceiling from it. Buckell will update Issac's coordinates so he can shut this trap down. Head down the ladder to your left. At the bottom go over to the nearby workbench and craft another Tungsten Torque Bar. It will be useful soon. Now head through the nearby door. Go over to the ladder on the left and take it on up.

When Issac gets to the top of the ladder he will be attacked by 2 Slashers and 1 Puker. There is an electrical barrier in operation from where one of the Slashers and the Puker will be. Only the Slasher can make it through, the Puker will likely fry on the beam. With the Necromorphs dead, head over to the left-hand side of the beam, where the ladder is. Look above the beam on the right-hand side. There you can spot the control panel for it. Shoot it out (If your Scavenger Bot has returned, this is the next place to release it for maximum return). Head forward and over to the right now. Issac will find the next ladder he needs to go down. If you have the Torque Bar, look to the left of the ladder. There is a slot you can use it in. Inside here Issac can find some materials, the Rotator Cuff Module, ammo and a circuit for +1 Reload, +1 Rate of Fire. Grab all of that then take the ladder down.

At the bottom of the ladder Issac is immediately faced with another electrical barrier. Look straight ahead into the air duct. He can spot the control panel for it inside there. Just after the first shot a Slasher will come crawling out of the duct and attack Issac. Use stasis if it starts to close too rapidly (if you do not have a shotgun handy). After that head on over to the left and through the door. To the right Issac can find a locker with some materials in it. Head through the door on the left after that to get to Engine Access. Head through the corridor into the control room beyond.

Inside the control room head to the right. At the end of the stairs Issac can find a locker with some goods inside it.  Circle around the room to find another. After that head down the stairs to the control panels below. Head over to the right to find a S.N.A.F. Artifact. Head on back up the stairs to the left. Pause before going up the stairs to the elevator though. Look to the right of it. There is another bit of explosive strapped to the grating. Shoot it out to avoid the worst when Edwards is likely to detonate them again. This means fighting through another mass of Slashers, Pukers and an Exploder. Keep strafing between the right-hand side of the room the elevator. This will help make it through the fight. When the Necromorphs are down for good head down the stairs to the control panels where you found the Artifact. To the right of the ladder Issac will find a puzzle he needs to solve to lift the lock down. He needs to get a charge running through all five of the circuits. This means matching up the various connectors on the circuits. For the Bottom Left: Face Thick Stripped Prod toward Central Lower Circuit. Bottom Right: face Thin Circuit in to the Central Lower Circuit. Rotate the Central Lower to connect to those 2 Circuits. For the Central Upper Circuit: Rotate it to connect to the Central Lower Circuit. From there it is a simple matter of rotating the others to match and lift the Quarantine.