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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 17 – Side Missions: Conning Tower (Tran Station to Armory)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/8/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Conning Tower", where Issac must investigates Conning Tower for Supplies and to learn more about Edwards.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 17 – Side Missions: Conning Tower (Tran Station to Armory)

Starting from the Tram Station head forward. Go up the left-hand set of stairs and interact with the screen at the top. Once again Issac needs to use the Electrical Engineering Interface to open up some doors. Go through the series of pings to get the nearby door open. Head through it. In front of Issac will be a Workbench. First though head over to the left. Smash the crate and head on up. On the control panels Issac can find the Conical Dispersal Weapon Part and an Audio Log. Grab the part, listen to the log and the key that sits between them then head to the bench to modify any weapons. With all that set, head over to the elevator, use the key and take it on up. Edwards come on over the loudspeakers and makes it clear he has done some rigging to make sure the soldiers could not get to him.

As Issac exits the elevator, look up to the ceiling. Above the top of the stairs are 2 Slashers. Pop them one at a time to lure them over to Issac is a simple and very manageable fashion. Head up the first set of stairs and go to the right first. There is a small locker with something inside it. After that, head to the left and follow this corridor carefully. By the coffins at the top of the stairs, look up and to the right. There is another Slasher suspending itself from the ceiling. Once again, lure it down by shooting it then take care of it. Open the door beyond it. Edwards has another announcement trigger when Issac enters the room. He is using the Infected Soldiers, the Necromorphs, to defend himself.

Head over to the left first in this new room to find another locker. Loot it for the items inside. Now turn back to the right and take the ladder up. Issac will find the door to the Communications Den. Approach and interact with the door. Edwards will come back on the speakers and have the nearby explosives detonate. This calls in all kinds of Necromorphs. Issac now has to fight through a number of Pukers, Slashers and Lurkers. Head on down the ladder again. Here Issac will find some Explosive Canisters that he can grab and throw at the surrounding Necromorphs. Any weaponry that can deal with multiple opponents is your best bet to make it through alive. Now slowly work your way back up the stairs and toward the Communication Den. This seems to give Issac the best chance of simply surviving.

When all the Necromorphs are dead, head to the left-hand side of the Communication Den. There you can find  a Security Bypass that Issac can initiate. After that head on through the door and down the corridor. Turn to the left as Issac enters the room and go to the left-hand corner of the room. Pull out the Scavenger Bot and home in the release point. Just be careful as there 3 Slashers in the area you should take out first. Take them out, release the Scavenger Bot and loot the room of items. After all that head through the door into the next room.

This room introduces the electrical barrier that Edwards has rigged up. First loot the nearby lockers. After that, back up and look above the left-hand side of the electrical barrier. Issac can spot an Orange Glowing Box. This is the transmitter so shoot it to disable the electrical barrier. Open the door to the next room. Here Issac is immediately attacked by 2 Slashers. One is immediately in front of him and the other will drop from the back part of the room and head through the electrical barrier. Take them out quickly. Head over to the left-hand side of the barrier now and look to the right. There Issac can spot the transmitter for this barrier of its right transmitter. Shoot it out then head up the stairs. There is another barrier to the left. Keep looking forward as the control for this barrier is on the wall to the right of the barrier itself. Shoot it out to proceed on. Open the lockers to the left then go through the door. This will lead into the Armory.