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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 15 – Expect Delays (Fore Station to Cargo Puzzle)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/7/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Expect Delays", where Issac must search the C.M.S. Terra Nova for a shuttle. This gives the solutions to the Cargo puzzle on the tram line.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 15 – Expect Delays (Fore Station to Cargo Puzzle)

Head down the corridor but be aware there is a Swarm waiting just around the corner. Quickly either stomp or shoot them and then get through the door to reach the Fore Station. Things get messy fast here. There are Wasters here with a twist. These are filled with Swarm Necromorphs. Aim for their heads and arms to dismember these. As much as possible do not shoot off their abdomens. This will release the Swarm Necromorphs within. These will immediately seek out corpses, turning them into Slashers and some will come directly at Issac to occupy him while the others animate and form the other Necromorphs. Kill them quickly and carefully.

When the room is clear, loot the bodies and head over to the left. There Issac will find the controls for the intraship transport, the tram. Buckel will tell Issac that he can find Cradle Ops nearby and that will let him see the track. Head into the door on his left to move on forward. Once inside the next room take the ladder up. Turn to the left and head down the corridor. Issac will be attacked again by a small Swarm. Deal with them then continue on down the corridor. At the end of it to the right Issac will encounter a Guardian Necromorph. This thing spits out Swarm which animate the nearby bodies. To kill it Issac must dismember its tentacles. Use Stasis on it to make the shots a bit easier. When he does kill it, it will drop a Spare Parts Box which has supplies and rare parts inside it. Head over to the left from there and into the elevator there.

Exit the elevator and head over to the right to find an audio log. After that head to the left where a Workbench can be found. Listen to the audio log and make any needed changes. Now head for the central control panels down the stairs and look in the middle of them. There Issac can find a Text Log and some lockers. Grab the log and loot the lockers. After that head over to the left part of this area to find a Compact Directed Ejection Field Weapon Part. Now head to the observation window behind him and head to the console on the left. Interact with it to start this puzzle.

To clear the tracks Issac has to rotate the cargo below so it fits into a pair. At that point it will be lifted off the track and clears some of the way for the tram. There are 6 pieces that need to be dealt with.
Set 1:
Rotate the Cargo Container on the left twice to the right. Bring it together with the other.

Set 2:
Rotate the Cargo Container on the left twice to the right. Bring it together to clear.

Set 3:
Rotate Right Cargo Container Twice to the Right. Rotate Left Cargo Container twice to the left. Clear them.

Set 4:
Bring them together, already aligned properly

Set 5:
Rotate Left Cargo Container once to the Right. Bring it together with the other to clear them.

Set 6:
Rotate Left Cargo container twice in their direction. Rotate Right Cargo container so the clamp faces left. Bring them together to finish this puzzle.