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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 12 – Side Missions: C.M.S. Greely (Crew Access Room To Imaging Room)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/7/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "C.M.S. Greely", where Issac must investigate the C.M.S. Greely to find the key to the encrypted message for Santos.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 12 – Side Missions: C.M.S. Greely (Crew Access Room To Imaging Room)

Back in the Crew Access Room Issac has to fend off Slashers that have been released by powering up the station and some Exploders. With Exploders, you want to aim for the orange sac. After a shot or two, it will detonate killing the Exploder and any nearby Necromorphs. Overall, there are 2 Slashers, 2 Exploders and 1 Puker that will attack you in this room. Defeat them all then Issac can safely use the nearby bench to change out his weaponry or upgrade it. From there head on down the nearby ramp to the large security door. Head on through the corridor and open the next door to reach the Imaging Room.

Shortly after Issac arrives in this room he will be attacked by a Lurker and a Puker. Quickly blast the Puker as it can slow him down and close the distance more efficiently. A second Lurker will appear a while after the first. Inside this room look along the right-hand wall in the second alcove to find an Alien Artifact. Explore the lab afterward. When Issac has seen he cares to, head for the back left corner and use the Cargo Elevator there to change to the next part of the ship and start toward Storage.

When the cargo elevator stops, Issac will be in peril again. There are Slashers waiting for him down here. One will attack him as he arrives, though it is likely trapped behind the wall of biohazard containers. Kill it then head forward and to the left, around the wall toward the entrance of the Storage Unit. As Issac approaches the door to the Unit he will be attacked by another Slasher. This one appears on the far end of the room and needs to move around the wall to Issac. This gives him more than amble time to either run or line up a shot and take it down. Once they have been dealt with go through the door into the corridor and the next door to reach the Storage Unit itself. As you go to open the door, likely another Slasher will appear directly behind you. Turn around and have Issac blast it with whatever is equipped.

Inside the storage unit Issac will find some loot in front of him and more to the right. Just advance carefully as there is a Swarm Necromorph lurking about the area. It will most likely appear as Issac approaches the far end of the room where the work bench is. Fiddle with whatever Issac needs then turn around and look to the left. There he can find a crank. Using Kinesis he can spin it and raise the door on the left. This leads to an Electrical Room.

Here, there is rampant electrical arcing happening in front of Issac. Have him move to the front of the generator and use Kinesis to pull the panel off. After that, move to where the panel was and grab the electrical circuit to stop the flow of power from wildly jumping around. Head to the other side of the room. Here, Issac will find another switch he needs to throw with Kinesis. This will trigger an audio log and to the right, give Issac Dr. Engstrom's Office Key. Head to the left of the panel and he can find an Electric Charge Weapon Part. As Issac attempts to leave another Swarm Necromorph will appear. It will attempt to build a Slasher out of whatever corpse the small Necromorphs attach themselves to. Blast and stomp them out to leave the room safely.

Once back in the Storage Unit Issac can adjust any weapon with the Electric Charge as it is an attachment. After that, continue back tracking. He will see a Slasher get blasted away by one of the ship's gravity plates. While these things can kill Necromorphs for him, they can also kill Issac if he stumbles onto one. Head back to the Cargo elevator and get up into the Imaging Room again.