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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 6 – On Your Own (C.M.S. Roanoke)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/6/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "On Your Own", where Issac must help Carver save the crew of the Euroda.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 6 – On Your Own (C.M.S. Roanoke)

Boost over to the escape pod. Once there look to the right. Issac will see a second entryway. Along the way you can grab an air tank that is floating to the left of the right-hand walkway. Use this if Issac is getting low on air. Otherwise, approach the walkway and hit the prompted button to grab onto the surface of the walkway. Approach the door in front of Issac and use his Kinesis to open the door. Once inside there is a quick chat and then Issac needs to find a way to open the cargo doors and let the rest of the crew in.

Head to the end of the pressurization room. There is a second door. Once again use Kinesis to open the door. This is only available after the room has pressurized. Go into the next room.  Look around the other side of the door for a few pick ups. Turn to the left and head ti the next door you can see. At the foot of it Issac can find the Heavy Weapon Frame. This is the first of many Weapon parts to be found in the Flotilla. It will be handy a while later after a few more pieces have been found. Turn to the left after you get the Weapon Frame and use Kinesis on the door there.

Once through the door look in front of Issac to find the next set of controls that you need to interact with. Give them a blast of Kinesis to open up the cargo bay doors and allows the escape pod and its crew to enter. Turn around and open the door behind Issac. Head to the left and through the door nearby where the Heavy Weapon Frame was. If you have not grabbed it, do so on this pass then head into the Cargo bay itself. Head over to the left inside to find Norton and get the coordinates for where he can find the S.O.S. Beacon that is deeper inside the ship.

Turn around and head toward the farther door on the right. Just in front of it Issac will find the Tesla Core. Open the door that sits by it, pass through the room behind it and press on. Issac will be in the Repair Bay now. Once inside the Repair Bay look to the right and open the circuit box there to find a Reload +1 circuit. Grab the circuit then head toward the door with the stamp on it. This triggers a dialogue. Once that is done, look to the right of the right of the door. You will see a blue, glowing box. This is a power cell. Grab it with Kinesis and turn to the right. You will notice a workbench there and to the right of it, a socket for the power cell. Maneuver the power cell in and it will power up the door and the bench. Interact wit the bench and assemble the line gun from the Heavy Standard Frame and the Tesla Core that Issac gathered earlier. Alternatively you can take the SMG, replace its Standard Frame with the Heavy Standard and attach the Telsa Core in the lower tool slot. Optionally, you can also attach the Reload Circuit into any of Issac's weapons to decrease the time it takes to reload one of them. Either way, Issac will now have something better to work with.

Head over to the door with “Quarantine” on it. Interact with the door twice. Once will unlock the door while the second time will open it. Head on through to the second door at the far end of the room behind the bulkhead. Open it and have your weapon at the ready as Issac opens the second bulkhead door behind the massive door. A short cutscene runs and Issac is attacked by 3 Slashers. Gun them down quickly. After, smash the bodies for addition loot then continue on forward down the corridor.