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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 3 – Rude Awakening (Dredge Corp Lobby Lunar Transit System)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/5/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Rude Awakening", where Issac must escape from New Horizons Lunar Colony and meet with Carver on the Eudora.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 3 – Rude Awakening (Dredge Corp Lobby Lunar Transit System)

Once inside the Dredger Corp Lobby Issac will see a video of Jacob Danik, a leader of the Unitologist. Search the lobby, stomping bodies then follow the navigation to the back right where Issac can find an elevator up. Be sure to take some time to loot the 4 nearby lockers to get a number of different items for use later.

At the top of the elevator things do not look any better. Issac is shot as he leaves the elevator. Danik lectures Issac some and then blows a Marker Test Lab, unleashing the energies within. Issac will fall and land unconscious in a garbage pile. He will struggle to his feet and immediately there is a Necromorph coming at him through the glass. They will struggle a while with the glass so search the area for some health and ammo. Once Issac has stocked up then turn to the door and open it. Either way, Issac must fight these  2 Necromorphs now. Switch to the Plasma Cutter and use it to blast off their legs and then the tentacles that appear after. It is possible to decapitate them but then the tentacles spawn there and they will charge Issac. When they are dead, stomp the corpses to see what they will drop.

Head through the broken window and over to the left. Issac can find 2 lockers, to the left and the right, of the unlocked door in front of him. Loot the lockers then head on through the doorway. In this corridor, stomp the corpses to find more items for your use. Head on through to the far end and open the door.

Once through the next door, turn to the left and head into the conference room there. Inside Issac will find 4 lockers that he can collect some items. Keep an eye on the floor as there is a corpse here that is not quite dead. Shoot it quickly in the legs to take it down. Now head on over to the right, following the navigation trail past the small cubicle and around it to the left.

As Issac heads to the left he will be attacked by 4 more Necromorphs. These are all the same variety he has been encountering. Back up slowly and use a blast of stasis to slow any that get too close. Dismember them all then head around the corner to the left. Here Issac will find the elevator he needs to take to advance. If he head forward into the 2 far offices he can find more items in the lockers in them. Once he has collected all that, head for the elevator and take it to Washington Square.

When Issac gets to the bottom of the elevator, head over to the right and go behind the desk. There he will find a Unitologist Artifact. Now head to the front right part of the office and stomp the container there to collect a little more. Now head out of the office and through the door on the right. There is a workbench to the left but it is not immediately accessible. A gate will also lower, blocking Issac's way. Turn around and head to the opposite end, into the Full Moon store. Head through there to the left and the next door. On the other side he will find a deserted section of the mall. Turn to the right and advance slowly. Issac will be attacked by a small number of Slashers and more of the Wasters. Use the Plasma cutter to quickly remove any Slasher's legs and then change to its vertical fire to kill them quickly. Keep on the move to avoid getting mobbed. Watch Issac's health and get through this fight. Head down the alleyway toward where the Necromorphs came from. As he gets to the end, Issac will be attacked by a pair of Slashers and another Waster. Kill them and head through the doorway on the right to the Lunar Transit System. Be careful as you enter as another Waster will appear and attack Issac.