Guild Wars 2 – Salt in the Wound

This is part of the first invention storyline for those who chose to first build the Variable Atmospheric Conditioner. This is found in the Metrica Province in the Greyfern Expanses. Head for the Survivor's Encampment Waypoint and go to the West from there. You will find the Transfer Gate (Private) Point of interest at this location.

Once inside the complex in the Instance, talk with Zojja to set things in motion. It is time to find Plunk and beat her to learn where Kudu is. You will find the laboratory surprisingly empty. Head into the center and investigate the body. It is revealed to be an illusion. Plunka taunts you then leaves. Shortly after a Sylvari named Peredur will show up. Approach and talk to him:
Savant: “Hey, you! What's a Sylvari doing working for Kudu? The Inquest considers your people disposable, little more than kindling.”
Peredur: “I was … misled. My name is Peredur. Kudu tricked me into his service, and now I can't get away. I've seen what he did to the ones who tried to run.”
Zojja: “We can help. I know how to deal with Kudu. Get us out of this cell, and we'll get you out of his cluthes.”
Peredur: “Kudu's krewe is incredibly dangerous, but you seem familiar with their brutality. And this may be my only chance. Very well. I'll release you.”
Zojja: “Any enemy of the Inquest is a friend of our, Peredur. Now get on that console, make us a doorway, and fall in. We're all busting out together.”

Once Peredur has let you out take a moment to talk with him to get a personality choice. After that head to the Southern part of the lab and talk with Plunka. She will not be too happy that Peredur quit and is now helping the Savant and Zojja.

You will need to fight her in 2 stages. The first is simple enough. She has a single Mark I Golem to aid her and will be doing plenty of pistol shooting. Take down the Golem quickly and focus your fire on her. This is the easy part. Once she gets around half health then a shield will go up around her and she will run. This starts the second part of the fight. Now you need to combat 2 Mark II Golems and 1 Mark I. This time, focus more on Plunka. Once she goes below a quarter of her total health, she will be floored. After that, it is a simple matter of dealing with the remaining Golems.

When the fight is over talk with Plunka to make a personality choice. From there you can just talk with her to learn more abut where the VAC has been moved. This is followed with a cinematic:
Zojja: “One Inquest creep down, hundreds more to go … but only one that matters. Kudu, we're coming for you!”
Savant: “If he heard that, he's shaking. We just need to find him before he does some real damage with my weather device.”
Peredur: “Weather device? I heard Plunka talking about such a thing. It's being developed at the Inquest's Invariant base. They've also scheduled a large-scale test –”
Zojja: “Finally! Kudu keeps anticipating my actions but now we're one step ahead of him. For once, he won't see us coming. What do you think, Savant? Should we storm the lab or disrupt the test?”
Peredur: “Whichever you choose, I'd like to help. I owe Kudu for years of terror and abuse. So, tell me: Where do we strike?”

Talk with Zojja at make your choice. You can disrupt the test itself (“Free Rein”) or you can raid the lab (“Bad Forecast”). The choice is yours.