Guild Wars 2 – Where Credit is Due

Time to advance the storyline with Zojja and see what she has to say about your first invention. Head into Rata Sum. Once inside go forward to the center and then over to the marked portal in the second group of them. Enter the instance there to get things started.

When you are inside, head forward and talk with Zojja. Time for a cinematic:
Savant: “I got your message. It was a tad on the crank side, even for you. What's on your mind?”
Zojja: “Violence. What do you know about a wretched little pipsqueak named Kudu? Cross-reference with 'criminal', 'megalomaniac,' and 'plagiarist.'”
Savant: “I've heard of him. He's an Inquest bigwig now, but he used to be Snaff's apprentice. Then you came along and Snaff traded up.”
Zojja: “that's him. Now, out of pure spite, Kudu's invited me to watch a demonstrate some weather-changing device for the Arcane Council.”
Savant: “my first invention was a weather-changer. I called it the Variable Atmospheric Conditioner. Good ol' VAC. It got me accepted into college. It was pretty rough, but it worked … mostly. And if Kudu is using my invention without giving me credit, I'll call him out in front of the whole council.”
Zojja: “I was hoping you'd say that. Get a copy of your blueprints from the archives. We'll wipe the smug little smirk off Kudu's insufferable face.”

Head on out of the instance then head for your college to collect the blueprints. Head over to the Archivist and talk with them to learn there is no record of the patent that you placed on the invention. He will tell you go check the physical records as they cannot find the patent in the system. Head on back through the portal to the Metrica Province. From there head to the Northeast and to the archives. Use the Desider Atum Waypoint to give yourself a minimal run. Head into the isntance and then it is time to spring to work. The backup archives are on fire!

Once inside the instance, approach Zojja. Time for another quick cinematic:
Zojja: “I'm glad your here. I heard Kudu's lackeys were going to attack the archive annex. Looks like I heard right. Kudu knows what he's doing, I'll give him that. The fire started in the records room and all the Peacemaker golems had been deactivated.”
Savant: “He's one step ahead of us, then. The blueprints for my weather device are alsoi missing from the archives. The only backups were stored in this annex ...”
Zojja: “... which is on fire. Come on! Without those blueprints the trail elading to Kudu goes up in smoke.”

Head on in toward the Annex. You will need to fight your way through the various Inquest agents found within and then start working on the fire. You have one right inside the entrance and then another 3 at the top of the stairs. Turn to the West after you finish the first trio. Time to take on another set of Inquest assassins. Head up the stairs and turn to the North. This time there are 4 Inquest waiting for you. Defeat them and then head to the Northeast into the cavern. You will find a water bucket for later but also 3 more Inquest agents. Take some time and defeat them.

With the last of the Inquest down then you can grab the bucket and approach the chest. Pour the water on them to put them out. After that, turn around and talk with Zojja for a final cinematic:
Savant: “We're too late. The evidence we needed to prove Kudu stole my idea is now a pile of ashes, soot, and failure.”
Zojja: “Not a failure: a setback. Now that we know Kudu's up to something big, we just need to figure out what it is and how to stop it.”
Savant: “I'm ready. Plagiarism and arson are one thing, but wiping out all records of my first invention? I'm going to tattoo Kudu's butt with bootprints.”
Zojja: “That's what I like to hear. One of Kudu's lackeys has a lab nearby. Her name is Plunka, and I bet she still smells like smoke. Meet me at Plunka's lab. I predict she's just dying to tell us why Kudu wants your weather changer.”