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Guild Wars 2 – The Championship Fight
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/1/2013
A series of articles covering Guild Wars 2. This part covers the story mission, "The Championship Fight", part of the "Revenge" storyline for the Norn who chose to get into a fight at the recent moot. This has the Slayer go up against Mikkel Torviosson in the final round of the Big Brawl Tournament.

Guild Wars 2 – The Championship Fight

This is the final mission in the Norn Moot Storyline who opted to lose to a rival and are seeking revenge. Head back to Hoelbrak and over to Eir Stegalkin's homestead. There you will find the entrance to the first instance for this part of the story. Once inside you will find Eir not far in. Take some time and talk with her. There are a lot of dialogue choices and no right answer. It will also vary some based on the missions that you chose over the story arc here. You will get to choose from any of the foes you have bested in combat and then it is time to face Eir Stegalkin herself in a sparring match. This is also a great mission to build up any personality aspects as you will have numerous chances to work on them.

Eir Stegalkin:
Eir will become the wolf and attack you in just that manner. Given the chance she  will lunge at you and get in a few swipes. These will knock you down and leave you vulnerable to the attacks she can use. You only need to take her down to half health before she will call the sparring complete.

When the sparring round is over she has a little more to say to you in a cinematic:
Eir: “That was excellent. I've seen you fight before, but you're truly in top form now. I think you're ready for this.”
Slayer: “I've never felt stronger or surer, and I chalk that up to everything I've learned from you. Thank you, Eir.”
Eir: “I … No thanks necessary, Slayer. It was my pleasure to help you realize your potential. Mikkel is in for the toughest fight of his life. Make your way to the Great Lodge, where Knut and Mikkel are waiting. Come on, Garm! This is one tournament fight we don't want to miss.”

Head on out of the instance and make for the great lodge after that. Once there you will have little trouble finding where to go. Head into the next instance and down to the fighting ground. Once there another cinematic will run:
Knut Whitebear: “Welcome to the championship bout, Slayer. You've earned the right to be here.”
Slayer: “Getting this far taught me a lot. Not just about how to fight, but also when to fight, and why.”
Mikkel Toivosson: “What a load. You were just lucky, getting this far. Why don't you quit now, to spare yourself another beating?”
Whitebear: “Same Old Mikkel: can't build yourself up without tearing someone else down.”
Eir: “You're definitely ready, Slayer. Remember everything you've learned. Mikkel is a great brawler, but he is no hero. You can be both. Good luck!”
Whitebear: “Behold the Big Brawl's final round! Now we shall determine this year's winner. Are the competitors ready? Good. Then let the championship bout begin!”

Before you go into the ring, take some time to talk with your past competition. Namely Gulthor to be granted a Protection Boon, Caheris for a Swiftness Boon and Spatha for a Might Boon. These each last for 30 minutes, which is a good duration. If you completed the Spirit of the Minotaur storyline, you will also find that spirit there. Once you are ready, talk with Mikkel to start the tournament's final bout.

Mikkel Toivosson:
He starts off simply with a lot of brawling attacks. This puts him firmly into the melee category so keep that in mind. Slow him and knock him back when you need a moment for cooldown or healing. Still, he is decently mobile and will use rolls once in a while. He does possess a heal ability and you will need to watch out for his rush attack. Still, saving your rolls for those rushes and bashes and it will not be too long before you stand victorious over him.

When the fight is over, you will be treated to one final cinematic:
Knut Whitebear: “Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in congratulating the winner and new champion of the Big Brawl!”
Mikkel: “I want a rematch. I was robbed! I'm stronger than you, tougher than you, and better than you. How could I lose?”
Slayer: “It's not about strength, Mikkel. It's about purpose and conviction. You fought well. Don't dishonor yourself now with this whining.”
Whitebear: “Well done, Slayer. Today we saw you come back from defeat, to rise even higher than before. Every Norn should take that lesson to heart.”
Eir: “And they will. My time for glory may be past, but with heroes like the Slayer to inspire us, the ice dragon's days are surely numbered.”
Slayer: “May we all be there when Jormag falls. Until then, I dedicate my victory to all Norn, everywhere. Come, help me celebrate!”

Once you choose your reward take some time to talk things over with the people around to get a few more personality choices if you did not all the ones that you wanted earlier