Guild Wars 2 – Semifinals

This is part of the Norn Moot storyline for those who chose to be defeated by a rival there. You have either just dealt with Nollarr, a Son of Svanir or the Murellow from the Warmspring Grotto. Head on out to Diessea Plateau from the Wayfarer's Foothills. Nearby the portal you will find the village of Butcher's Block where you will find the charr you were told to meet, Balteus. Talk with him to trigger the cinematic that will let you move forward into the next round of the Tournament:
Slayer: “Balteus Bloodletter? I'm here for the Big Brawl. I've got a token I received for complete the second challenge right here.”
Balteus Bloodletter: “Congratulations, you're in. Welcome to the semifinals. It'll be all uphill from here. This round of Big Brawl is all one-on-ones. There are three rounds and two rules: don't leave the ring, and don't kill anybody. Got it?”
Slayer: “I got it. Three rounds, three wins, three steps closer to me shutting Mikkel Toivosson up for good.”
Balteus: “You really don't like that guy, do you? I've had a few earsful of his obnoxious boasting, myself. Here's hoping you can shut his big mouth, provided you can get past the semifinals.”

Round 1 – Gulthor: Centuar
When you are ready, go and talk with Balteus. After that, head into the ring and wait for the opening to finish. As much as possible, try to have him move around the rock in the center of the arena. This helps give you cover and it can trip him up. Remember, go for knockdowns and knockbacks. If Gulthor gets close enough, he will knock you down or back, be on guard for this. Keep on your toes, move and get in plenty of hits.

Round 2 – Caheris: Sylvari
Wait for yourself to get fully healed before talking with Balteus again. If possible, wait out your cooldown timers too so everything is available to you. This Sylvari is an elementalist. Avoiding getting close again as she can roast you with relative ease at a close range. More often than not she will be using Ring of Flame and Fire Shield, hence the warning. Keep ready to roll or interrupt her spells if possible.

Round 3 – Spatha Greatblade: Charr
Once she goes hostile, immediately open with a knockdown or knockback attack to get a little room. Once again, she is a melee fighter. This foe wields a greatsword and is very good with it, given the chance. Move some to avoid  the worst of it but it is not too hard with some effort and forethought to keep her down or at a distance. If you move in, make sure your armor is good and high to soak the hits. Try to get in Damage Over Time effects for an easier victory.

Once Spatha goes down then you will get to the finals of the Big Brawl Tournament. This is announced in the cinematic that is triggered at the end of it. After that it is time for “The Championship Fight”:
Baltheus: “Not bad at all. I'm impressed enough to bet a big stack of coins on you to beat Toivosson now. Don't let me down.”
Slayer: “Don't worry, you're going to win that bet. That guy's been giving me grief for a long time, and I'm going to give it back ten times over.”
Balteus: “Oh, before I forget, I get a message for you from Eir Stegalkin. She said to give it to you when – not if – you win this round. She wants you to meet her at her homestead before the final fight. Do you really know her? If I could book a fighter like her, I could retire early.”
Slayer: “I think her tournament days are over, but I'll pass that along when I see her. Thanks for the info Balteus. See you at the final round!”