Guild Wars 2 – First Attack

This is part of the Revenge Storyline for the Norn. This follows those Norn who chose to take on the Son of Svanir, Nollarr to stop his men's harassment of the surrounding area. Head on out to the Northeastern part of the Wayfarer's Foothills. Look for the entrance to Svanir's Dome. This is just to the East of the Solitude Waypoint. Head on in toward the marker and instance. Once inside the instance you will be mocked a little by a pair of Sons of Svanir. They will still let you pass through. When you do make it all the way through, you will notice that the Sons are initially friendly. Just head into the camp proper and you will start a cinematic with one of the Sons:
Son of Svanir: “Are you lost or just stupid? This is Sons of Svanir territory. Run home before you get hurt.”
Slayer: “I'm here to challenge Nollarr, and I'm not leaving until he comes out and fights me. First I'll teach him some manners, then I'll take his helm.”
Son of Svanir: “His helm? You'll never even see Nollarr. My brothers will crack your skull open long before he gets here.”
Slayer: “Go on, call your friends. I could use a warm-up before the real fight.”

Time for the brawling to begin. You must get through 5 pairs of Sons of Svanir. They do appear individually so it is easier to get through each set. Just be sure that you keep moving if you are in a lighter armor class. Use traps and anything else that will get you an edge here. The heavier armored classes can wade right into the thick of it and just tear appear the rest of the Sons. When you have taken them all down you will see a cutscene quickly followed by a cinematic:
Nollarr: “What in Dragon's name is going on? I told you idiots to lay low until sundown.”
Slayer: “Wow. Nice hat. You must be Nollarr.”
Nollarr: “Yes, I'm Nollarr – and you're dead. Jormag's tooth, what you done to them?”
Slayer: “Same as what I'll do to you – beat you bloody. Ah, but with you, I'll use that fancy hat as my chamber pot.”
Nollarr: “It's not a hat, you dolyak's arse! It's a sacred helm. A vision of Jormag led me to it. It means he has chosen me. In his name, I will break you!”

Time to fight Nollarr now and he is very much a warrior. He will try to get and keep close to you. If you are more fragile, stun and slow him down to make your life a lot easier. Otherwise carefully go toe to toe with him. Heal and put some distance when needed. When Nollarr calls for assistance, he will get a little of it as someone will fire on you briefly in addition to him. Just keep it up and stay focused on Nollarr.

When you beat Nollarr you have a final cinematic with him. This one is a lot shorter:
Slayer: “Don't worry, Nollarr. I'll take good care of your hat.”
Nollarr: “It's not a hat … you dolyak's arse ...”
Slayer: “And tell your boys to behave, or they'll see me again. And I won't be so gentle next time.”