Guild Wars 2 – The Final Blow

This is part of the Revenge Storyline for the Norn. This follows those Norn who chose to take on the Murellow that have been plaguing Hekka Ravenswealth in Solitude Vale. Head into the instance which is near the Warspring Grotto. You will find the Grotto halfway between the Solitude and the Dolyak Pass Waypoint. Once inside the instance by the entrance of the Grotto you will find Hekka waiting for you. Time for a cinematic:
Hekka: “Knut Whitebear sent you, right? Huh – it's about time. The murellows have been harassing caravans for weeks, and now they've taken over my hot springs. Who wants to soak in a pit of murellow filth? These things are killing my business, and I'm the trading hub for this whole region!”
Slayer: “Okay, okay. I'm here to help, and I'm in a rush, too. Tell me where the Murellows are and I'll take care of them.”
Hekka: “It's not that easy. We need to kill the Murelliow matriarch, too. Otherwise, she'll just make more.”
Slayer: “I got it. The murellows and their matriarch. Show me where.”
Hekka: “It's right this way. And watch out for the stink! It'll get you!”

Follow Hekka as she leads you into the grotto. She will caution you of the filth and disease that the Murellows possess. Head on in and help Hekka out. You have one none too far into the grotto. Just after that you will encounter a trio of them. Take them on at a distance to avoid the status effects that they can inflict. Get through them and you will here Hekka running in with the Matriarch on her tail. Immediately turn your attention to the matriarch. She is something of a challenge so start with your best attacks and start pounding on her. Once again, try to keep things at a distance to avoid the bleeding and poison that she can inflict. Still, she is not as bad as some of the other bosses you can go against. Bleed, stun and status her to death. It will not be long before she goes down.

When it is all done you have another cinematic:
Slayer: “Raven's feathers! That was nastier than I expected. You were right about the smell! We got 'em all, though. Those creatures won't trouble you again – but I'd still wait a while before going into the water.”
Hekka: “On behalf of the entire valley, thank you. Here. Whitebear side to give a token to prove you did the job.”
Slayer: “Thanks, Hekka. I'm always glad to help out, but I have to go. I don't envy the clean-up.”
Hekka: “Don't worry about me, Slayer. I'll be fine. Now go. You've got a tournament to win.”