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Guild Wars 2 – A New Challenger
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/31/2013
A series of articles covering Guild Wars 2. This part covers the story mission, "A New Challenger", part of the "Revenge" storyline for the Norn. This has the Slayer entering into a Tournament to get revenge on the Norn who cheated them out of a victory.

Guild Wars 2 – A New Challenger

This is the first part of the storyline for those Norn who chose to get into a fight at a recent moot. It will begin with you needing to head over to Eir Stegalkin's homestead in Hoelbrak. She has somethings to say to you regarding the last moot. Once you arrive there you will be treated to a cinematic:
Eir: “I'll get straight to the point, Slayer. Do you want to get even with Mikkel Toivosson?”
Slayer: “Of course. He goaded me into a fight at the moot and cheated me out of the win. Now he refuses a rematch while bragging that my victories only add to his legend.”
Eir: “Then you should enter the Big Brawl. Mikkel is last year's champion. If you beat him in the finals, you take his title.”
Slayer: “A public thrashing will shut his bragging mouth for good. It's an excellent plan.”
Eir: “Thanks, but there's a catch: Whitebear is opening it up to everyone this year, not just norn. We have no clue what opponents you may face.”
Slayer: “The tougher the competition, the greater the glory. It'll make takeing down Mikkel that much sweet. Where do I start?”
Eir: “I was hoping you'd say that. Garm and I will see you at Edenvar's Homestead for the preliminary bout. We wouldn't miss it for all the ale in Tyria!”

Head on over to the Homestead that Eir has directed you to. Head on out to the Wayfarer's Foothills and get to the Homestead in the Northern part that is marked. Once there go inside to start the instance. Once there head over to Whitebear to get into the Tournament. This will trigger a second cinematic with your rival. You will find Whitebear in the house to the East.
Mikkel: “Why are you here, Slayer? Even if you reach the finals, I'll just stomp you. Why waste everyone's time?”
Slayer: “If its so easy, you should be happy for a chance to do it again. Or we could just fight now and get it over with.”
Mikkel: “No. I want to see you humiliated by everyone else. Go ahead. Enter. You'll never make it to the finals!”
Eir: “Whitebear's about to start things off, Mikkel. Stand aside and let our newest contestant check in.”
Slayer: “I'm ready. The sooner we start, the soon I can wipe the smirk off that cheater's face.”
Whitebear: “Very well. In this preliminary free-for-all, only the last two brawlers standing move to the next round. Once you're in the circle, the fight begins!”

Head on out to the West and enter the circle there. When you hear the “Fight”, then get into it as you best know how. With the sheer number of opponents you will encounter here, it is a lot better to move around, dodge and pick off targets of opportunity to avoid getting downed too many times. While you do not need to worry about being downed and losing the fight, it is better to just keep it like this and avoid a lot of the strain that would be present otherwise.

When the fight is over you have a second cinematic:
Knut Whitebear: “A worthy competitor. You were right about this one, Eir. Choose a challenge for the next round Slayer, since you did the best here. Your opponent will take up the other challenge. After that, the Big Brawl resumes! The first choice is Nollarr, a vicious and prideful Son of Svanir who likes to stir up trouble. To preserve the peace, Nollarr needs to be humbled. The second is Hekka Ravenswealth, a Solitude Vale merchant who says the area is infested with murellows, a new and dangerous beast. They're ruining her business and need to be removed. Choose challengers, battle the,. Then report to my Charr friend Balteus Bloodletter in Butcher's Block. He's an expert in staging such contests. However reaches Balteus first advances to the next round. Take a moment to decide, and then tell me which path you're taking. Best of luck.”