Guild Wars 2 – The Machine in Action

Head out to the Diessa Plateau and get over to the Grendich Ruins found in the center of the Plateau. Head on into the instance when you find it. Follow the warband through the hills and over to the second warband that has been waiting for the Gear Warband to show up. This leads to a cinematic:
Centurion Gnaeus Quickfang: “About time, Legionnaire. Where in the name of Khan-Ur's claw have you been?”
Ballista: “Apologies, Centurion! W're here now. Gear Warband is ready, our chugger is primed and operation, and I've recruited this Norn to –”
Gnaeus: “Spare me the details. Our target is Count Cargis. He's been directing the caravan attacks. Intelligence places Cargis and his ghosts in this area. I've had explosive chargers placed along the aqueduct. We attack when they go off. We're going to kick the hornet's nest to see what comes buzzing out. And if it's Cargis, we're going to use that chugger to swat him down hard. Clear?”
Ballista: “Crystal. We'll form a defensive perimeter and standby. Gear Warband! Take your position and wait for the kill order!”

Now, wait for a minute with the rest of the warbands. After the ground shakes it is time to start into the mission itself. You have a number of ghost to deal with. Target who you can and help out the warbands and pound away on your targets. There are a lot of ghosts so just keep at it until you here a call out about the Count you are after. Take advantage of the number of charr and fight however you would like. Even a light armor class can get plenty of of damage in during this time. When there is a pause in the fighting, revive whatever charr you can and look around for any additional ghosts. This part comes to an end with a short cinematic:
Gnaeus: “Burn it all! I was hoping for a bigger reaction from our ghostly playmates. Geargrind! You and I are taking a squad in to clear out that aqueduct! Have the rest of your warband hold this position and stand by to back us up if we need it.”
Ballista: “Understood, sir. Slayer, Mangonel, take point! The rest of you stand by and be ready to attack on my signal. Look alive, people! We got a job to do!”

Head into the aqueduct and advance at the fore of the group. To get there head up the stairs to the Northwest. After the first set then turn to the left and head into the small tunnel there. Go on down the stairs. It is a short trip to find the rest of the ghosts and then it is time to engage them in combat. Head into combat and fight through the ghost until your main target appears. There are plenty of ghosts to deal with in the mean time. Just head for the center to find him. When you make to the Southeastern corner you will find your target.

When the Count appears then it is time to focus in on him. He goes on out this area being a place of order and that the charr have no place here. He is no push over so help out the charr and take him down. All of you together can take him down without too much difficulty. This leads to the final cinematic of the mission and the storyline. Enjoy the cinematic then claim your reward:
Gnaeus: “Good work, Geargrind. By the time these ghosts reform, we'll have shored our defenses. Take your vehicle and move out. Oh, and Legionnaire: I'm recommending your Norn auxiliary for a special commendation. That was some damned fine fighting for a civilian. Dismissed!”
Ballista: “Nicely done, Slayer. You impressed the brass and made us all look good. Hey, we even voted to make you an honorary warband memory. Congratulations, grunt.”
Slayer: “Ha! Does that come wit drinking privileges?”
Mangonel: “Only after we park our chugger.”
Slayer: “Done. Until we meet again, good hunting.”