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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 116 – Sidequests – Wanted: Dead
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/30/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the sidequests, "Wanted: Dead", where Jason hunts down various Privateers and Pirates around Rook Island.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 116 – Sidequests –  Wanted: Dead

East Ridge Camp
There is a pirate that has holed up in a nearby bunker. Jason is to hunt him down in Rakyat tradition and kill him with a knife to bring more honor to the Rakyat. Start by grabbing a vehicle and heading over to the East. The location is just off the road so be sure to get out and start moving in on foot around 100 meters.

When you have made it close, move in through the bushes. This will let you scope out the outside of the bunker without much trouble at all. You have 2 Snipers and 2 Heavies in the area to deal with. Not a great set up. Start with the Sniper on top of the bunker. Move in through the bushes and when his back is turned, go in for the takedown. Now you have the 2 Heavies and one more Sniper to worry about.

Head over to the Eastern part of the Bunker and wait for the Sniper to move away and the Heavy to pause. While the Heavy is standing around, throw a rock against the mountainside to lure him farther in. When you can, perform a takedown on him. Quickly turn around, crouch and take down the Soldier behind you with a takedown. Likely, this will have alerted most of the encampment to you. Head back to the East, along the side of the bunker. Kill the Sniper and quickly kill the Soldier behind him to complete the mission. After that you just have a Heavy to deal with. Gun him down while ducking in and out of cover.

Lonely Shore Way:
A Sniper and his group have taken over a nearby small island. You need to evict them in Rakyat tradition, by killing their leader with a knife. Head tp the Northeast and stop on the first small island to scope out the second one to the East.

On the second island you will find 6 Snipers and the Leader. This is not an easy place to get through the mission but it is more than doable. Slowly work your way up to where the first group is. Once you get a fix on an individual Sniper who is patrolling around, wait for him to move toward wherever you are hiding. Lure him to you and take him down. Now move along to the Eastern side of the island via the North face. Move carefully as there are still a lot of snipers. But it is here you will find the Leader. Just quickly kill him then jump into the bay before the rest catch on to what just happened.

Tequila Sunrise:
There is a pirate hiding out in a nearby tunnel. Jason needs to head into it and kill him with a knife. Time to get at it. Head to the North from the Outpost. As you near the location move into a crouch and come up quietly. Take out the sentry and work your way inside. Move in and take down the guard at the door. After that, head around to the North and then over the hill to the East. You will find a small entrance into a bunker. The leader will be in there, just knife your way through to him to complete the mission.

If you cannot get a quiet approach then go for a direct assault followed by quickly ducking into the tunnel they are all coming from. Once inside you can easily ambush and knife the remaining forces. This will ensure that you can kill the leader with a knife attack