Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 114 – Outpost Guide Part 32: Lonely Shore Way

To get a good view of this Outpost you want to approach this outpost from the West using the slope from Charlie Camp to get a good line of sight to the area below. You will find 4 Soldiers, 1 Heavy, 2 Snipers and a caged Tiger. The Heavy patrols most of the camp. One of the Snipers moves around his perch in Southwestern part of the Outpost. Look to the Northeastern part of the Outpost to find the second.. 2 of the soldiers simply move around the far eastern building. The remaining Soldier is taking it easy in the Southern building.

Start by getting a bead on the Sniper. Wait for him to get to the back part of his patrol and then pick him off. Move to the North look along the Eastern side to find the second Sniper and then slide down the slope into the Outpost. Quickly get behind the building to the left of the one that the sniper was on. Once the Heavy passes by, move out and disable the alarms. Now, wait behind the building for the heavy to come by. Lure him back behind the building and take him down. After that, just turn your attention to the one cage with the tiger. Loose the tiger and the rest of the work is done for you.

Start with the 2 Snipers and quickly pick them off. Now slide down to the slope and follow it up by disabling the alarm. Turn and open up the tiger's cage after that with a quick burst. Follow it up by helping out the tiger with killing the various soldiers you will find around the area. Mix it all together and it should be a very quick take over.

Take Over:
When you take over this Outpost it unlock the usual Fast Travel Point, Automated Store and Safe House. It will also unlock a Wanted: Dead sidequest.