Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 113 – Outpost Guide Part 31: Spine Ridge Site

This is a hard camp to approach in some senses but also very easy. If you can come at the camp from the South, over the mountain, then you can easily mark all the Privateers in the area without much trouble. Otherwise, come in from the East and go up the small path that hugs to the Southern edge of the camp. This will let you not only get at the Alarm controls but take out one of the Snipers  with minimal chances of alerting the rest of the camp. There is a second Sniper in the area who patrols so be wary of him to quickly take him down separately. In this Outpost you have 6 Snipers, 2 soldiers and caged Cassowary. You can use this former Sniper posting to easily mark all the privateers below. Be sure to look at the fire to the South of the Safe House  as the second soldier is sitting by it.

Take out the initial 2 snipers with take downs then disable the alarms with the nearby alarm post. With all that dealt with head down the slope to the North and into the shack near where the Soldier is standing by. Go inside the shack and throw a rock against the inside wall to lure the soldier in. Go stand by the doorway and wait for him to come inside and investigate. Take him down the moment you can.

Now there are only 4 Snipers and solitary soldier left. 2 are on the safe house with the other patrols around the building while the soldier dozes by the fire. Move in and take down the soldier as the Sniper passes him by. Drag the body back behind the nearby stable in the time it takes the Sniper to go around the building. Now, head for the Northern face of the Safe House. There is a Sniper with a RPG-7 just relaxing there. Take him down as you round the corner. Kill him and drag him some back from the corner. After that, wait there for the other sniper to come around to you and take him down as well.

Now you just have the 2 Snipers above you. They are both fairly focused on scouting. This makes it a lot easier to just sneak up on them and take them out.

Take out the initial 2 Snipers and disable the alarms. If you have any explosive weaponry, this is a good time to pull it out. Quickly blast the 4 Snipers and then deal with the remaining 2 soldiers however you feel is best. Use whatever cover you can to avoid the RPG rounds from the Snipers. A surprising number of them are here in this  Outpost.

Take Over:
You will unlock the usual Safe House, Automated Store and Fast Travel Point. In addition you will also unlock a Path of the Hunter Sidequest. Head inside the Safe House and look around to find a Memory card. This card contains a reference to Breaking Bad.