Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 112 – Outpost Guide Part 30: Satellite Communications Hub

This is a strange one to approach and mark. The Soldiers are more spread out than usual. You will also need to deal with a small number of dogs that they have around the Outpost as well. There are 5 Soldiers, a Sniper, 4 dogs and a caged bear. There is no real good location to quickly assess and mark the soldiers.

One of the easiest paths to clearing this Outpost without ever being noticed is to let the bear loose. Just be sure to get out of the way and stay there until the Outpost is cleared. You will find the cage on the Northern side of camp. Just listen for the growls as they are very hard to miss. Be sure to take out the Sniper before you let the Bear out. Otherwise the Sniper will have little trouble taking down the bear with all the help that they will get from the Soldiers who are in the Outpost. If the bear goes down before the whole thing can be taken down then there is a bit more to do. Head around to the Western side of the Outpost and move in quietly to take down whatever soldiers and dogs you can.

Come in from the North and let loose the bear after picking off the Sniper. This will turn all the attention towards the bear. Quickly head in from the West to get at the Alarm Post and disable them. From there head up onto the building or the Sniper's former Watchtower and use the elevated position to deal with the rest of the Outpost. It is decently likely the bear will take care of all the work this time, especially if the Sniper was taken out. IF this is not the case then just open fire on whoever and whatever happens to survive the bear. You have a solid position with some cover to take out the rest of the Outpost

Take Over:
You will gain the usual Safe House, Fast Travel Point and Automated Store. You will also gain access to a new Island League Racing Challenge and Path of the Hunter Sidequest. Head inside the Safe House and you will find another Memory Card (Complete with a Dune Reference).