Guild Wars 2 – Don't Leave Your Toys Out

This is for those Norn who chose that they Blacked Out at a recent moot. The second mission leads the Slayer to Crossroad Haven, a location one of the Lionguard reported that the Slayer and a Charr went while joyriding on the Warband's Chugger. Once inside the haven you will find the Warband talking with one of the proprietors in the haven. They report they saw you and you caused a lot of damage. After they tell you everything they can, they tell you to leave or be billed for the damages. Now it is time to talk with Ballista again:
Ballista: “Listen here norn. It's loud, it's metal, it smells and it's ugly. Someone has to know where it went.”
Saergis: “Hey, Slayer of Issomir! Your charr drinking buddies are harassing me about that vehicle of yours. Tell 'em to cut it out! I'm too busy for this.”
Slayer: “Everybody calm down. Trader, just answer me one question and we'll leave you alone. Where did you last see the vehicle?”
Lionguard: “Clear the courtyard! We're under attack by grawl! Get to safety or get ready to fight!”
Saergis: “Wolf's muzzle. With all the angry customers, drunken warbands and howling mad grawl, I should move my business to Divinity's Reach.”

Ballista will order the warband to go and defend the Southern entrance of the Haven from the oncoming grawl. Now you can either wait for the grawl to come through the gate or just head up the stairs and over the wall, taking the fight to them. There are a lot of grawl to cut through and the keep on coming. When Ballista orders you to head to the other door, do so.

Another big wave of grawl are waiting for you there. There is, again, no shortage of them to kill. Warriors and Guardians can just wade right in. Medium Armor can just use skirmish tactics and the rest should engage smaller groups with area of effect spells. Keep all that in mind as you get through the 2 remaining groups of Grawl.

The final wave consist of a Grawl Shaman who summons up some Air Elementals to go on the attack. Move in and battle them accordingly.  There are 4 Sparks spread throughout the compound but they are hard to miss. Just find them and engage them one or two at a time, depending on your confidence.

After all the fighting you can talk with the trader, Saergis, again to learn more and set up for the next mission:
Saergis: “Thanks for stepping in. Listen, I don't know where the vehicle is now, but I saw some dredge driving it east, toward Moledavia”
Margonel: “Then we attack Moledavia! Burn it down and drive out over the flaming wreckage!”
Ballista: “It's too heavily fortified to just rush in. But I can get intel on where they're hiding it. Then we can strike the right area.”
Slayer: “Could you get intel on when they might move it? We could ambush them instead.”
Ballista: “Not a bad idea for a great drunken lout. Since this is your fault anyway, I'll let you decide: attack or ambush?”

This leads to the split in the missions. Either you can ambush the Dredge (“Roadblock”) or attack them at Moledavia (“Assault on Moledavia”). The choice is yours. Claim your reward and then it is good to whichever you chose.