Guild Wars 2 – Unexpected Visitors

This is for those Norn who chose that they Blacked Out at a recent moot. Head into Eir's homestead in Hoelbrak and into the instance to begin this storyline properly. Talk with the first charr who speaks with you for a quick personality choice. After that head into Eir's house and listen in briefly. Once the charr and norn finish talking, talk with them to set things in motion.

Talk with the Charr, make the personality choice and get moving after that. You owe them a tank for losing one while blackout drunk. Now talk with Eir Stegalkin to learn more of the specifics of what has happened. Time for a cinematic:
Eir: We've got trouble, Slayer. Krut Whiteboar wants me to handle it – peacefully. The legionnaires says she's here to collect on a debt you owe her warband.”
Slayer: “What? That's crazy. I've never seen them before.”
Margorel Gearstrip: “Boss, the norn was too drunk to remember, just like me. Look, friend,you and me too the warband's chugger out for a spin after the moot.”
Ballista Geargrind: “And neither of you drunken, joy-riding idiots remember where you parked my ordnance. So, Slayer, it's only fair that I take you until I get it back. Congratulations, you're officially press-ganged into the Gear warband auxiliary. Your behind is mine until we recover the Iron Legion's property.”
Slayer: “I'm no soldier, but a debt is a debt. Honor demands I repay it. What's my first duty?”
Ballista: “Escorting a supply caravan. Meet us on the roads near Taigan Grove. And don't make me coming look for you again. Dismissed!”

Leave the instance and head over to the Taigan groves which are in a nearby area. Once there you will have little trouble finding the entrance to the second instance.  Once inside you will encounter another cinematic:
Ballista: “All right, form up! Sons of Svanir have been hitting the road all month but not today. Today, the caravan reaches its destination intact.”
Margonel: “Hey, Slayer? Any luck remembering where we took it? I remember driving through the snow, trying to spell, 'JORMAG EATS DUNG!' it was your idea.”
Slayer: “I'm still drawing a blank. I vaguely remember doing swan dives off the cannon into the lake.”
Ballista: “Quiet in the ranks! You two lushes better be ready to roll when the caravan arrives. If the centurion finds out my warband is without a vehicle, my neck will be on the chopping block along with yours. Now shape up and get ready to move out.”

Time to begin an escort mission. Just keep with the group and attack any of the smaller animals that come at the party aggressively. For now, it is just a warm up and nothing too hard. It is when you get to the broken bridge that the Sons make their first real move. There are 4 in the initial raiding party and nothing too bad for you to handle with a warband at your back. Just pound away through the first wave.  The second wave is much the same, just more spread out. Some will be coming up the hill from the South while the rest come to the East along the road there. The third wave comes strictly from the sides of the bridge. This one is mostly mages so they take a little less to kill.  There will be a short pause then an Elite will appear. Pound away on him but keep aware of your health, he can do some serious damage. After him you have another wave of Sons. With them will appear a Son with a Blue Sword. He is the leader and very hard to take down. Once he goes down, the caravan will start moving again across the repaired bridge. As the caravan moves slowly, take a little time to revive any Charr that were downed in the fight. Now it is a simple matter of making it to the nearby haven. Time to talk with the Legionnaire again:
Lionguard: “Welcome back Legionnaire. It's good to see the Gear Warband again. But what's a Norn doing with your warband? Did someone lose a bet?”
Ballista: “Watch your tongue Lionguard, or I'll tear it out. The Slayer here is attached to my warband for the time being. Is that a problem?”
Lionguard: “Sorry, I didn't mean to insult your warband. So, Slayer, didn't I see you swinging from the cannon of a charr vehicle last time you were here? You were headed North toward Crossroad Haven, right? I think you were shouting, “I don't take insults from a tree! Have at you, leafy!”
Margonel: “I remember that! Stupid Tree.”
Slayer: “We've got a lead Geargrind. Next stop is Crossroads Haven.”
Ballista: “Understood. Give us some time to restock and get organized. We'll meet you there.”

Claim your reward and then it is time to move onto the next part of the story, “Don't Leave Your Toys Out”.