Guild Wars 2 – The Ringmaster

 It is time to go and confront the Ringmaster and learn what you can about the missing children and the grand scheme behind the "toy". Head back to Divinity's Reach and torwarrd the Plaza of Kormir. There, by the Uzalon's Mechanic Orchestra you will find the entrance to the instance.

Once inside of the instance you will find yourself arriving at the end the latest show put on by the carnival. There you will find your friend depending on your origin. Talk with them between the normal acts and when the Ringmaster comes on. You will try to persaude them to leave but they will insist on joining with you to help stop the Ringmaster. After all that it is cinematic time:
Ringmaster: "And now, ladies and gents, the highlight of our show! The big finale! Please, turn your attention to ... the floating grizwhirl at center stage! Watch it go round and round. That which goes up must eventually come down. Queen Jennah's Kryta has had it all. Now it – and she – must tumble and fall!"
Logan: "Ringmaster! By my authority, I order you to desist! You're under arrest for treason! How dare you threaten the queen!"
Ringmaster: "Oh look. It's Captain Thackeray. Don't you like my fascinating grizwhirl? Take a closer look."
Hero: "Avert your eyes, everyone! Don't look at the grizwhirl. He's trying to hypnotize you! Look away!"
Ringmaster: "Spoilsports. I'd have let you choke the life otu of Queen Jennah Logan, just like she's sufficating Kyrta. Think of it, Captain, your hands, crushing her throat."
Hero: "Logan, don't let him get to you. He's trying to control your mind. Keep it together, and we can stop him."
Ringmaster: "Rise up, my puppets! Belfore we can cleanse this town of its monsterous queen, we must first crush the monsters in our midst. Get them!"

This will start the big fight with the Ringmaster. These can sometimes be a little delay, so do not worry too much. There is first a massive electrical blast eminating from the Ringmaster so stay back from him. After that, move in and focus on him first. While none of the audience has been hypnotized, it does seem that the performers got a full blast from the Grizwhirl. Move away from the main stage and see who comes after you. There are a lot of different opponents and a few of them at least are civilians. Do what you can to keep up yourself and help those who need it.  The civilains will go down very easily. The performers take a lot more effort. As you take down the civilians, more will be drawn into the grizwhirl's grasp. Once you have made it through the whole of the crowd then it will just be whatever performers are left, you, Logan, and the Ringmaster. If you are having a lot of trouble, be sure to wait for all the attackers around you to mvoe away before respawning.

At this point, try to draw just one of the performers at a time as they are not easy to deal with. Take them down and you will make it to the cinematic on the other side of the battle:
Logan: "The Ringmaster nearly succeed in spreading chaos throughout the city. Despicable traiot. I'm glad he's dead."
Hero: "The queen is safe – for now. I find it hard to believe this is one man's political statement, though. Who would have benefitted most if he had of succeed?"
Logan: "Queen Jennah has no heirs. If the Ringmaster's mob had killed her, the Ministry would have taken rulership of Kryta. With all that we've seen lately, I'm convinced that –"
Hero: "It's a member of the Ministry. I came to the same conclusion And the next time he makes a mistake, we'll be ready."
Logan: "Well said. If I see anything suspicious, I'll let you know. Until then, may Dwayna guide your path."

That is the end of the "Missed Opprotunity" storyline for human characters. Enjoy the rewards and take some time to level up to get ready for the next story line.