Guild Wars 2 – The Artist's Workshop

This is for those who chose to investigate the workshop of Uzolan. Head on out to Kessex Hills and over to the entrance of the instance. It just a little inside Kessex so keep to the road and you should be fine to make it over to your destination without much delay.

Once inside the instance you will be joined by Logan Thackeray. Ghead on up the path to the top. There you will find a hypnotized clown who will want ot fight you. Go ahead and knock her out. Turn your attwentyion to the statue that the clown was looking at. There is someone inside who is seeing about getting someone to rescue Uzolan the Toymaker. He reveals himself to be the Toymakers himself and explains that the clowns have trapped him inside his own workshop. He will gladly tell you all about the Floating Grizwhirl after you rescue him fromt he Carnies that are holding him hostage.

Head over to the right. You will find a trio of Carnies, all sword and shield. Just like all the others they like to use the shield bash and stun technique on you so be wary of approaching melee range. Defeating them should be getting easier now, if only through practice.

Move forward into the next part of the workshop. Approach the Clown by the machine. This will trigger the next encounter of the instance. Again, it is a trio of sword and shield. Defeat them then head toward the bumper car to the left of the machine. A single clown will appear and attack your group. She is just like the first one you found in this area. Now turn to the South. You have another trio of Clowns to deal with there. They are, once again, sword and shield. Defeat them and you will have cleared out the lab. Head to the South to find Uzolan and have a shot at getting him out of here. Just move over to the clown holding the bomb. Wait for him to nearly be done talking. When he is about done, roll away to avoid the damage from the explosion.

He will talk to you some now but explain that he is still trapped inside the force field that he constructed to keep thieves away from his blue prints. He explains that you now need to fight through his automated fenses to free him. Head back to the North and look for the various mechanical threats that have appeared. There are a number of small golems to deal with now.

Head into the main body of the wiorkshop for the fight. This will give you plenty of room to move around in. Even with Logan's, this will still be a hard fight. You have to get through at least 2 Toy Golems and 2 Illiousary Swordsmen. Move around and interrupt any special attacks the present mini-golem is using. You have to move in and out of combat in most cases to give yourself enough time to heal between the golems and the swordsmen. Once the defenses are down you can start attacking the Turbobuzzers 2000. If you are really good then you can attack the Turbobuzzers as you fight through the rest of the defenses. They will not attack you or harm you. This si a nice change after everything the other defenes were doing. There are 3 of them total found throughout the lab. Just look around for them as they are easy to find.

When the find Turbobuzzer is destroyed Uzolan will be freed but a full-sized Golem is loosed. Handle it like any other you have encounted. This one does not possess any special attacks so pound away on it and just watch out for the whirlwind attack. Once it goes down you can finally talk with Uzolan:
Hero: "Alright. We freed you. Now, tell us about the grizwhirls."
Uzolan: "Mmm. The grizwhirls render the weak willed susecptible to suggestion. They make any party thirty-three percent more fun. The Ringmaster loved it! He was very complimentary – at first."
Hero: "We think the Ringmaster is planning something."
Uzolan: "I'm not surprised. He asked many questions about increasing the grizwhirl's power and range. He wanted the schematics, but I refused – on principle."
Hero: "Could he modify the grizwhirls you make? Maybe use a super-powered version to affect a large group of people?"
Uzolan: "Yes! He's clever enough to pull that off, and if that's his plan, he'll probably do it at the circus's next big show, where the audience will be as vast as possible."
Logan: "Great Kormir, he could incite a full-scale riot. The Seraph would have to respond with force, and it'll be a bloodbath. We've got to stop him."

That will conclude this part of the quest. Now it is onto the final part of the storyline, "The Ringmaster."