Guild Wars 2 – Into the Woods

This is for those who chose to head to the meeting that the Ringmaster is hosting in the woods. Head into the instance at its marked location in the nearby woods. Once inside, head down the slope and over to the Ringmaster at the marked location. When you get there it will trigger a cutscene.

Ringmaster: "Your attention, please! Welcome, my dear little clowns and fools, to the dress rehersal for the big show at Divinity's Reach! We're going to bring the hosue down! Today we're testing the circus's greatest attraction to date! Behold, Uzolan's Floating Grizwhirl! Gaze upon the Grizwhirl. Clear your minds completely. Look around, ninny-bells. Where are your friends? Whatever will you do? For the survivors, it'll be a night to remember! And now, it's time for me to bow out."
Hero: "Woah! My head is spinning. I ... where did all the recruits go? What? We're under attack!"

Now you are surrounded by by monsters. There are a wide variety. But only some will be attacking you. They are also attacking each other. Unlike the normal varieties of this monsters there will be no real ranged attacks, it will all be done in melee. Just focus on surviving. As you take each of the monsters out they will stop fighting and be begging for mercy. You will also hear them talking about monsters and telling them to back away. If that does not say they are humans, then nothing does. When a monster arrives and is talking about being Logan, you need to defeat him to end the fight sequence. The good news is the monster will not attack you throughout the time of it.

When the battle is over you will find yourself in another cinematic talking with Logan Thackeray:
Hero: "Get away from me, you –"
Logan: "Stop!  It's me. It's Logan. Get ahold of yourself! The Ringmaster has affected your mind!"
Hero: "What? Logan? But –"
Logan: "Blessed Lyssa, I thought I was gonna have to knock you out. You were attacking unarmed civilians and my Seraph. Luckily, even in your confusion, you held back."
Hero: "On some level, I knew it wasn't real. My mind is stronger than his usual victim. Victims! By the Gods, Logan, he was going to use teh Floating Grizwhirl in Divinity's Reach!
Logan: "If the Ringmaster creates this kind of hysteria in the city, many will die. We have to shut down the carnival."
Hero: "No, wait. If you do that, he'll just hide until we're least expecting him. It would be better to catch him in the act."
Logan: "it's risky, but I agree. He doesn't know you're a spy. You keep an eye on him, and we'll strike when he makes his move."