Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 109 – Sidequests – Wanted: Dead

Break Point Docks – Wanted: Dead
2 Privateers have taken over a Hilltop Barn to set up shop. You need to find and kill them in Rakyat tradition. Get started by heading off to the East along the road. It is a short drive to get to their location.

Head to the South of the hanger where the Privateers have set up shop. Take some time to track down all of them. You have the 2 Leaders under the hanger, 3 Heavies, 3 Chargers and 2 Soldiers. This is not one to track and take by force. There are a lot of different soldiers and only with some good management could it be pulled off. Start by luring off the Heavies. With less of those it is easier to get into the hanger. After that, make for the house. Use the cover from there to pick off or take down the nearby Charger. This will give you the time and space needed to go at the 2 Leaders who are under the hanger. Move in quickly and use a Knife Throw or chained take down to get them with a knife. At this point, you will want to run around to the back of the hanger and go for the ladder there. It will give you an elevated position which makes it easier to shoot down at the privateers below. Just be sure you have plenty of fire power as there still is one Heavy that likely survived.

Break Point Docks – Wanted: Dead
Jason needs to honor Rakyat tradition. A Pyromaniac and his partner have hunkered down by a small house. Jason must drive them out, permanently. Head to the West of the Outpost via the road and up the hill. Stop around 80 meters out. From there, head on up the mountain that is nearby. Use your position to scout the whole of the camp easily. You have 2 Dogs, 3 Soldiers, a Pyro and a Leader.

From the elevated position, snipe the dogs. They do not cause the same level of alert as attempting to hit one of the privateers. Once you have them down, head down the slope. It is time to methodically get to the targets. Head over to the Eastern side. Use rocks to lure the nearby guards away from their post and into the sparse bush coverage. When you have a clear path slip across to the Southern part of the homestead. Now get into the small shack. Once there, throw a rock against any of the walls and move when you notice one of the privateers moving in. This will leave a soldier to the West and the targets. Pick off the soldier with a silenced weapon. After that you just have the 2 targets.

Start with the Pyro as he is harder to kill. He also is more likely to have his back to you. Focus on him and then quickly move in for the kill. With him down, if the second target has their back to you, kill them. If they do not, return to the shack or head for the other one and hide until he does. When you see the opening, take it and drive the knife home to finish out this side quest.