Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 108 – Sidequests – Wanted: Dead

Maw Docks & Repair – Wanted: Dead
Jason is called on to take down 2 Pyromaniacs that have entrenched themselves in some of the nearby bunkers. As always, he must kill the 2 leaders with his Knife. Head to the Southern edge of the island to find the search area. Once you are within 100 meters of the location, get out of your vehicle and head toward the search area. You will find 2 Heavies, 3 Chargers and the 2 Leaders outside the bunker. Inside the Bunker you will find 2 Chargers and the second Leader. You will want to move in from the West to get a good position to find all the soldiers outside the bunker.

Start this whole thing off by picking of the one Charger outside the bunker with the extended patrol. He is just wandering around and enough that he can cause problems. Just pick him off with a silenced weapon while he is away from the rest of the patrol. Now move into the bushes to the Western part of this area. If you have Heavy Beatdown, you can easily ambush and take down one of the Heavies here. Now move to the central part of this area and hide in the bushes near the artillery cannon. If you hide more to the East you can easily ambush the Leader and not have to worry about him any more. You still have 2 Chargers you can optionally kill as well.

Head to the North after you have dealt with everyone outside. The final Heavy is found there and he moves between the bunker and the artillery cannon. Wait for his back to be turned then move in for a Heavy Beatdown or just a lot gunfire to kill him quickly. Move to the Northern end of the room and wait for the 2 Chargers to stop talking and move toward you. When they enter the room, take them down. This just leaves the second leader. Head into the room the 2 chargers were talking in. Head over to the right. You will find your target waiting in the next room, looking at a computer while fiddling with his flame thrower.