Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 107 – Sidequests – Path of the Hunter

Krige Valley River Fishing – Flamethrower Hunt: Leopard
For sure, take some time to craft a few Flameproof. It will help a lot as the Flamethrower is hardly a very precise weapon. This leopard mauled a farmer's dog so he wants the leopard to die in fire. Head to the North across the nearby bridge to find the gear up location.

There are 4 Leopards that you need to find and roast to complete this side quest. Start by going into the trees and heading to the West. Be sure to use a Hunter's Instinct so you can track down the 4 Leopards. They are not too far apart. Once you are in the area, pull out your camera and quickly mark them all. This will insure you an track them all even after you pull out the Flamethrower and have used Fireproof. Wait for each of the leopards to attack you. As they move in is the best time to use the Flamethrower on them and get them out at a time. If one seems to have gotten away look to the Northwest of the Pond. There is one that likes to run in that direction.

Dry Palm Storage – Pistol Hunt: Bears
There is apparently a group of boars that have taken over a vital location. Jason is tasked with hunting them down and killing them with a pistol. Head to the Southeast to find the Gear Up Location for this sidequest.

Once you make it there, start off to the Northeast to find the search area. Head on in and use a Hunter's Instinct to find the bears. They are just to the Northeast from where you gear up. Move up the slope a little, mark the bears then start firing down on them. This will make it easier to take them down. Just move up the slope once you start firing on the bears. If you have more than one on you, it will be a big help to avoid the worst of the damage that they can do. If you can craft untouchable, it will be a great boon for this encounter if you want to stay in the thick with the bears.

Break Point Docks – Bow Hunt: Komodo Dragons
Jason will find this on the bulletin board. A retired archer's cat has been killed by Komodo Dragons. As such, he asks you to seek out the lizards responsible and kill them with a bow. You will find the supplied gear at the end of the pier found to the South of the Outpost.  Head to the islet that is South of the Outpost to find the search area.

There are 4 Komodo Dragons to be found and they are well scattered over the area of the islet. Use Hunter's Instinct to track down the first one. The rest can be found on the Southern and Western side of the islet. It will only take a little time to hunt them all down as they will start to seek out Jason after he kills one or two.