Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 106 – Outpost Guide Part 27: Break Point Docks

Head out to the coast and grab a boat. Head to the small islet to the South of the Outpost. From there you will have little trouble getting a good idea of what is where in the Outpost.  Inside the outpost you will find 2 Heavies, 2 Chargers and 3 Soldiers. Close to the center of the Outpost you will also find a tiger caged. These can be used to help out with taking over the Outpost. Heavy Beatdown is recommended for this to avoid alert while going for stealth.

From your position on the Island, look to the Eastern end of the Outpost. There is a single soldier there. Snipe him then move in toward the Outpost. Move over to where he was and then climb up to the next level of the building with the ledge in front of you. Look to the right and wait for the nearby Heavy to turn and move away. When they do, move for the stairs to the right and take them up. Immediately duck into the room that is at the top of the stairs to the right. From there, head on through to the charger who is up there. Take him down, and if possible, drag his body back into the room behind you. Now it is time to deal with one of the Heavies. Now, wait until the nearby soldier has his back turned or just pick him off then blast open the tiger's cage. Far more often than not that will be enough for you to get the Outpost. The tiger is likely to go after you when the Outpost is liberated so be careful of that.

Start by picking off the one soldier who stands out from the rest of the group. After that, move over to the alarm post that is by the docks. Disable the alarms and quickly retreat. Head on up to the room above the whole thing or just engage the soldiers right there. Just be sure to disable the alarms first. The reinforcements are nasty and make it a lot harder to take as they will keep coming for a while after.

Take Over:
When you take this place over you will gain the usual Fast Travel Point, Safe House and Automated Store. You will also get 2 Wanted: Dead and a Path of the Hunter sidequests.