Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 105 – Outpost Guide Part 26: Dry Palm Storage Depot

Come at this Outpost from the North. This way you can easily spot most of the Privateers and not have to worry too much about getting spotted. Use the trail just above the Outpost to find a good vantage point. In this outpost you will find 1 Heavy, 1 Sniper, 3 Chargers and 3 Soldiers. One sits by the alarm post nearby the Heavy which is not visible from this vantage point. This Charger patrols around the camp so it takes patience to mark him.

With the Heavy and the Sniper most likely the closest, it is recommended to get to the Northeast above the Outpost near where the Heavy and the Sniper are. Go over by the alarm post and wait for the Charger to rest by them. While he is, throw a rock to the left of the Alarm Post to lure him away from there. Now, you can easily sneak up on him and take him down or pick him off. Next wait for the Heavy to be on the move. Go up behind him and take him down if possible, otherwise, pick him off with the most powerful weapon you have After that, pick off the Sniper on this level. Take a moment now to head to the Alarm Post and disable it. Now move into the Shack and look to the West and wait. If you do not have a silenced weapon, move into the bushes to the West and wait. The soldier in the area by the cargo container will move up to the area you are in. Pick him off with a silenced weapon.

Now move onto the area below where the Charger is. You can either easily sneak up and take down the charger or you can pick him off. Once you have, take the stairs up and move into the room at the top of them. Head to the opposite door and take down the charger there. Next head to the North and drop off the balcony. Quickly approach and take down the soldier below the balcony. From there just head over to the one remaining soldier and take him down quickly. Done right you can get a knife throw takedown as well.

Start to the North of the Outpost once again. Slide down the hill to the shack above the alarm. Use that to move into position to either take down the Charger who heads there or to drop down and quickly disable the alarm. From there aim and fire on the Heavy then the Sniper. From there you will be engaged with the rest of the Outpost. Use the Shack to get some good cover and move around to avoid grenades that get thrown at you.

Take Over:
When you take over this Outpost you will get the usual Safe House, Fast Travel Point and Automated Store. It will also unlock a Path of the Hunter side quest.