Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 104 – Outpost Guide Part 25: Krige Valley River Fishing

You want to investigate this Outpost from the South, looking North to it. You have a lot of work for this Outpost as it is more spread out then usual. You have 1 Soldier to the South of the Road in a lookout tower, then in the Outpost you have 2 Heavies, 2 Chargers and 3 Soldiers One of these soldiers is in a shack at the far northern point of the Outpost making him very hard to spot in advance. You will also find a caged Komodo Dragon in the Northern corner of the Outpost.

From your vantage point to the South of the Outpost, use a silenced weapon to pick off the one soldier in the Lookout Post. Now head down to the Lookout Post and then to the right of it. Use what little cover there is to quickly disable the alarms at the Outpost then duck back into cover in the Watch Tower. From there, look down onto the Outpost below. There is a Charger on a balcony above a pair of Privateers. Pick him off from here and get back into cover. Now head over to the Eastern side. This is your point of entry into the Outpost. Quickly get into the Outpost and climb up onto the balcony. If you get there in time, you can get a Dual Death from Above takedown on the Charger and Soldier at the Southern entrance of the Outpost. Otherwise, you can get individual takedowns on both.

It is time to start working on the Heavies and the remaining soldier. Head to the North of the building now. There is a small shack there, head inside. Wait for the nearby Heavy to move away. Once he has, quickly move in and get a take down on the nearby Soldier. If you can, drag his body into the shack and drop it on the far side.. Head over to the Eastern side of the shack and look at the cage below on the dock. You will see a Komodo Dragon inside it behind a Heavy. Shoot the cage open and let the lizard kill the Heavy. Now, wait in the shack for the Heavy  to come back. When he is close, throw a rock against the building, not the shack, to lure him farther away from the second Heavy's corpse. Take him down when you get the chance or just gun him down, quietly. Finally, head to the North from the shack.

Once again, start with the Soldier in the Lookout. Pick him off then slide down there and disable the alarms. After that, start firing on the soldiers below on the front of the Outpost. They all have a lot way to go to reach you. This gives you plenty of time to deal with them all, even the Heavies, before they can reach you.

Take Over:
You will get the usual Safe House, Fast Travel Point and Automated Store. You will also get a new Path of the Hunter sidequest.