Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 103 – Outpost Guide Part 24: Maw Docks & Repairs

This outpost is best to approach from the North. Head around to find cover and slowly scan the different parts of the Outpost. The bet view is from a shack just North of the Outpost itself. There are 2 Soldiers, 3 Snipers and 3 Chargers. There are also 3 Alarm Post that the Privateers can get at if they are alerted. Only a Soldier and a pair of Chargers patrol the Outpost.

If you want to get in quietly, coming in from the West offers the best possibilities. Head on up the stairs and pause at the top. Move a little to the left and throw a rock just inside the door to your right. This will lure one of the 2 Snipers toward you. Now, wait for the patrolling Charger. Throw a rock against the wall when he is closer to the building to lure him over to where the first body is. He will be stunned from the discovery. Use that time to sneak up on him and take him down. Now head back up the stairs and it is time to deal with the one remaining Sniper. He is focused toward the entrance of the Outpost and does not really look around. Wait for the patrolling guards to be looking else then. At that point, take him down, and if possible, drag his body back into the room behind you.

From here, head to the edge of the balcony that the Snipers were on. Listen for the alarm beep. There is a control box at this end of the balcony. Use it to disable the alarms throughout the Outpost and ensure that you do not have to deal with reinforcements. Now head over to the East and take down the remaining Sniper in that location. He is focused on what is coming from that direction and will not likely even notice you until it is too late.

Now, the rest of the guards are by the entrance. Throw a rock toward the entrance from the Eastern side of the camp. This will lure most of the guards away. Move up to the entrance and take out the remaining guard by the mounted gun. If you can, turn to the right and use a Knife Throw Takedown to get the Charger over to the East. If not, quickly move in on his location and take him down as well. The final 2 guards are very distracted as they likely found the third sniper you killed. Move in and take them down as best you can.

Enter the camp from the West and slip over to the Southern side of the building there. Climb quickly and kill the one sniper in front of you. Turn to the left and look back toward where you came up from. On the building wall you will find an alarm box. Disable the alarm, take down the other Sniper and then pick off the one remaining Sniper. Now it just the 3 Chargers and the 2 Soldiers. Kill them however you want.

Take Over:
You will unlock the usual Fast Travel Point, Automated Store and Safe House. You will also unlock a new Island League Racing Challenge and Wanted: Dead side quest. Inside the Safe House you will find one of the Memory Cards.