Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 101– Sidequests – Wanted: Dead

The Neck's Diner – Wanted: Dead
There is a pirate roaming around the local farm and the Rakyat want him dead. Jason must follow tradition and kill him with his knife. Head to the Southwest to find the search area. For this one, try to keep on the opposite bank while scouting to get a full idea of what is happening.

This Pirate encampment has 4 Chargers, 2 Heavies and a Sniper Leader. To get started quietly, head to the Southern entrance of this small farm. Hide in the bushes and wait for the nearby Heavy to pause in his patrol. Throw a rock toward him to get him to move closer. After that, throw a second rock to the left of the farm. This will lure him out of sight of the pirates. If you have Heavy Beatdown, you can easily get a take down on him. Now move into the camp and head for the warehouses where the second Heavy and the Leader are. Slip in while the Heavy has his back turned and move behind the barrels that are a short way in. Now wait for the leader to be looking down their scope and the Heavy to be moving away. Now you can either kill the Heavy and the Leader or just go for the leader and then run very quickly out of there.

Harmanse Gas & Repair – Wanted: Dead
There is a group of pirates that have entrenched themselves in some nearby Japanese Bunkers. Jason is to find the leader and kill him in the Rakyat tradition. Head to the South to start this. Driving is recommended for expediency.

As you get within 130 meters, get out of the car and head up the slope. This will get you into a great stealth position. As there are 8 Privateers stationed at this Bunker, it could take a while. There are 4 soldiers stationed near the bottom of the bunker. Start with the one closest to the bunker. Take him down, and if possible, drag the body back into the bunker. From there you can easily slip over to the West and up the path to the top of the hill. Here you will find the Leader with his 2 Snipers and the Heavy. Sneak up on the Leader and take him down then run to break the pursuit of the Snipers and the Heavy.

Stubborn Kid Farm – Wanted: Dead
Jason needs to follow Rakyat tradition and knife 2 Snipers who have nested in a tower and have been picking off villagers.

Head to the West, up the hill to find the search area. Go for the road to the right to get in a good position to sneak up on the Privateer's encampment. You have 1 Sniper, the leaders, a dog and 3 Chargers. The first of the leaders is found just to the North of the lone Sniper Privateer. The second Leader is found at the Northern end of their encampment with the single dog. This will let you approach the camp from the hills to the South of it. It will lead directly to the lone other sniper that you will then be able to take out without any trouble. It is recommended to get down to the Sniper and use a take down or skip them and head for the Northern part of camp. Once there, use rocks to lure the dog and the soldier away from the leader to kill them and then sneak up on him for a take down. TO get the leader lob a rock into his little area to get him to turn around. From there just move up behind quickly and stab him. Now for the second leader. Once again move out to the Western part of camp and slip through the trees. You will find the leader without much difficulty. From there just rush him and knife him. Kill any of the remaining Privateer as you desire or just run.