Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 100 – Sidequests – Wanted: Dead

Cradle View – Wanted: Dead
There are a number of pirates that have entrenched themselves in a nearby hilltop. Jason needs to go there and root them out, killing their leader with his knife. Head over to the West up the hill using the nearby road to get up there.

Approach carefully as there is a Sniper watching the road up. It is better to come at it from one of the sides or the back to avoid detection. There are 6 Soldiers to be found here: 1 Sniper, 1 Leader, 2 Soldiers, 2 Chargers. Head around the compound to the Western side. There you will find the leader very close to your location. Just throw a rock against the fence, move into the bushes and wait for him to come over to you. From there, it is a simple matter of either chaining the take downs together or gunning down the Soldiers and the Chargers. Only the Sniper will be left after that rampage. Just pick him off or charge him. Once he is dead, there is no one left at this entrenchment.

Hubris Farm – Wanted: Dead
A pirate has taken over a bit of beach. Jason needs to track down the leader and kill him in the Rakyat tradition. Head off to the South to find the beach where they are staked out.

This is a harder one to deal with. There are 4 Snipers, a Heavy and the Leader. The Snipers are holed up around the camp. Approach the camp from the Western side where it is more lightly guarded. Here you can either easily pick off the various Snipers or move in for a take down or two of the snipers higher up. Now move up behind the leader. Jump down onto them to perform a Death From Above take down or to simply land behind them and take them down. After that, quickly kill the Heavy Soldier and the 2 remaining snipers.

Cradle Farm – Wanted: Dead
There is pa irate who has set up camp in the woods nearby Cradle Farm. Jason is to track him down and kill the leader of the group. Head to the East to the encampment.

At this location you will find 2 Soldiers, 2 Charger, 1 Heavy and the Leader. The leader is close to the center of camp working on a pig. Start by heading over to the hut to the North. There is a charger who moves around in it. Wait for him to head through it then take him down when he is on the far side. Kill him where the others can see. They will come over one at a time for a while, letting you simply kill them with take downs. Just wait for most of the soldiers to come investigate and deal with them. After a while you will need to take the offensive though. Just head along the outside of the out and over to the leader. The remaining soldiers will not always notice you, if you are fast enough.