Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 99 – Sidequests – Bled Dry

Head over to Gaztown to find this quest once you have taken over the North Krieg Crest Outpost. Head into the town and go over to the marked hut. Once inside you will hear someone crying. Talk with the woman there to learn what is going on. She wants you to find various Diamond stashes and bring them in to her so a Captain will take her back to her home.

Stash 1
Head to the Northeast from the house to start toward the first stash. Head up the road to the left from the road leading into the village. There you will find a few houses a little ways up. Around there you will find the first stash. There are a number of soldiers around who are keeping guard. The first is inside the house to the West. Wait for him to come closer to you, then throw a rock. This will lure him and get the charger to show you his back. Wait outside the house for the soldier to come around and then take him down. After that, head through the house and get the Charger. Use a Knife Throw Takedown, if available, to kill the final soldier. Otherwise just sneak up on him and take him down however you can. Head into the Eastern house to find the bag of diamond on the floor of the house toward the Northern door.

Stash 2
Head to the East along the road to find the next search area. In this gathering of huts you will find a Charger, Sniper and 2 Soldiers. The Sniper is in a good position for a Gunslinger Takedown. Using that option on him you can kill 2 of the 3 remaining soldiers in the time you have. All 3 can be done if you are exceptionally quick about it. If this option is not open to you, kill  the sniper then slowly work your way through the rest or just rush them. With them all dead go into the Southern House. There you will find the Diamonds to the left of the door.

With the 2 stashes in tow, you are good to return them to the Islander. Her husband, Roel, will appear after she forgets that she mentioned getting off the Island. Use this time, as he moves in on her to kill him. She still will cry about it though.