"In six says, every single living cell on planet earth will be dead... you have one chance."

This is how the game starts, putting a lot of weight on you from the get go. Earth's destiny depends on you, and you cannot mess up. This walkthrough will tell you how to beat the game.

This is a very interesting game from awkwardsilencegames , and can be found here:

Note about replaying: The game technically allows only one go at it ("One Chance") and if you fail, you cannot replay it. Even restarting the browser or reloading the page does not work. You could try deleting your cookies, but some users have claimed that this method did not work for them either. We found two methods that will let you play one chance again.  One is to right click on the game and click on "settings" which will bring up the Flash settings. Then click on the folder icon to go to the local storage settings, and disable local storage by moving the slider to the left until it says "None". The other method was to use Google Chrome's "Incognito" mode. Close Google Chrome completely, then launch it again. Click on "Options" (Its the wrench to the right of the address bar) and choose to open  a new incognito window. Copy and paste the URL above into the browser. Your game will start from the beginning and you now have a "Second" chance!!

Controls are pretty basic. Use the left and right arrow to go left and right. Use the space bar to interact with objects and go through doors.

Day 1
You start off at your bedroom. Walk right. Enter Molly's room. She will ask you if she really has to go to school today. Leave her room. Go to the next door, and look in the bathroom. Nothing there, so leave. Talk to your wife who will tell you a big day is coming for you.

One Chance Start

Go right and take the door to go outside. Pick up the newspaper and read the article on how you were able to find a cure for cancer. Then go right to your car, and hit space to go to work. Drive to the right past all the people and other cars. You reach your office, and get greeted by a colleague who calls you a savior. Enter your office, to meet the rest of your team with a big "Well Done" sign, and get congratulated by your boss.

one chance cured cancer

Note the chart showing your stocks going up. Go to the right and get congratulated by Ryan, another colleague. Go in front of the lab, and enter it to work.

Day 2
You wake up at your bedroom again. Go to the right. Enter your daughter's room, she will tell you your wife is in the bath. Go to the bath and talk to your wife, who will tell you the phone has been ringing all day. Leave the house and pick up the newspaper, which will reveal horrible news on how your "cure" is actually deadly to all living cells. Get in your car and drive to your office. The chart in the entrance now shows all the stocks going down. Your boss will tell you how bad a situation the company is in because of the deadliness of your drug. Go to the right, Ryan will ask you if the drug is really dangerous... ignore him and keep going to the right past the lab. Go on the roof where you witness one of your colleagues jump off the roof and commit suicide. He feels responsible. He ran many tests and the situations is much worse then you think. You will now see a newscast on TV with you, your boss, and President Obama addressing the nation about the gravity the situation.

Day 3
Your wife is still at bed, she might be sick. Molly is outside her room, she asks you why she does not have to go to school today. Keep going right, exit your house and pick up the newspaper. You will see a frightening article on how the end of the world is nearing due to your invention. Drive to your office, passing rioting people on the way. A colleague in front of your office prays that something can be done. Go right, you'll find the lab is locked. Go past the lab and out to the roof. Your boss will be there, he will assure you he isn't jumping and ask that you go be with your family since nothing matters. On your way back out, you will find Ryan in front of the lab, he will tell you he has the keys to the lab and will ask you if you want to work. Take him up on his offer and keep working on a cure.

Day 4
Your wife is still in bed again, she doesn't even talk to you this time. Enter Molly's room, she is sleeping. Nothing in the bathroom, so leave the house. Pick up the paper and read the grim news about how 50% of the population will be dead by morning. As you set down the newspaper your colleagues are there telling you they need you at the lab. But they will understand if you want to be with your family.

You should go to the lab. When you get to your office, Annie will ask you if you want to skip work and go hang out with her, since this might be your last day on earth. Keep going and head to the lab. Keep working on  a cure. You wont be successful this day (you know this from the red X on the monitor). Its night time already, and you go back home. When you enter, you will see blood coming out from the bathroom. Enter and you will find that your wife has commited suicide in the bath tub.

Day 5
You wake up with Molly standing near your closet. She asks you where her mom is, then she hops on your back. Go out, you shouldn't go in the bathroom this time so your daughter doesn't see the blood. Go outside, no newspaper this time.

one chance molly daughter

 Get in your car and drive to work. It will ask you whether you want to take Molly to the park, or to work. Choose Work. Go to the lab and try again to find a cure. You fail again.

Day 6
Today is the day, where everyone will die unless you find a cure. You now are sick yourself, you look pale and walk slower. Go to work, pick Molly up along the way. Drive through the now empty streets. It will again ask you if you want to take Molly to the park or to work again. Choose Work. Go to the lab, and try to find a cure again. Congratulations, the green check on the monitor turns on, you've found the cure and saved Earth!

one chance beat the game

You can now finally spend quality time with your daughter in the park.