Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 97 – Sidequests – Home Delivered, Light At The End Of the Jungle

Home Delivered
Head to the West from the Bridge Control Outpost onto the nearby islet. Just outside where the Poker Game is you will find the Islander, Steven, who is offering this story quest. One 30 Rock Reference (Werewolf Bar Mitzah, Spooky Scary) later Jason will be looking for the Swimming hole where people have been going missing. He wants you to head there and investigate it to see what the cause of it was.

Head to the North along the river. On the bank to the left you will eventually find a cave with the marker on it. Approach it and head on inside. Head to the very back of the cave and dive down. Swim fast through the small tunnel. It does not take too long to get to the very back of the cave. When you make it there you will find the missing villagers. Look around the cave some and you will also find a Spider Relic that you can claim. Take some time to explore this area as well to find all the loot chest that are scattered around and to loot the bodies.

Things do not get risky until you are leaving. Once you make it out of the back chamber you will need to get past a crocodile that has made its home in the front chamber. More often than not it will manage to ambush Jason. Just start mashing the prompted button and Jason will take care of the amphibious reptile. Now just head back to the Islet and report to Steven to let him know what had been happening to the villagers.

Light At The End Of the Jungle
Head over to the Marker. Once there you will find a hut to enter into. Around the wall inside you will find an Islander, Rebecca. She expresses a concern that her husband is cheating on her. She wants you to track him down and see what he is up to. Head over to the house that is across from theirs.

Jason will notice the Husband first. To get in close and learn what is going on. The best way to do that is to head around the building through the bushes to the left of it, to the South and West. Once you make it to the window then look on through. You will hear the 2 men talking. The husband is being confronted by his lover about coming out to Rebecca. This gives Jason a choice. He can either confront the Husband or just head straight to Rebecca. Below are summaries of both choices.

Confronting the Husband
Jason will approach the Husband and tell him that his wife sent him. He explains that he appreciates te chance to come out to her himself. He feels he doesn't deserve either of the people that he loves. This will complete the quest.

Return to Rebecca:
Return to the House and pass on the news to Rebecca. She will be relieved at first to hear her husband is not sleeping with another woman. However, she seems very determined after she learns the truth to remove a part of her husband's anatomy. She makes you promise not to tell. Jason hopes that she is joking.