Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 96 – Sidequests – Path of the Hunter: Bridge Control

*Try to collect 6 Letters of the Lost before attempting these. The Tonto gives a notable improvement to your melee damage that can make both of these quests a lot easier.

Machete Hunt: Albino Crocodile
This is a hunt for a taxidermist who wishes you to track down and kill an Albino Crocodile using a machete. Start by heading over to the East from the Outpost. Once you make it to the location, you will be prompted to being the hunt.

Head over to the East into the canals. Use some Hunter's Instinct to get a good fix on the numerous crocodiles in the area. Any that are not white can be shot with a high powered rifle. You need to get through a thin layer of water and that does do a lot to stop the bullets. When you find the White Crocodile it will likely be around the middle on the Western edge. This means you need to approach it and get it to attack you. Hit the prompted button and Jason will start stabbing it. Eventually he will break free and kill it. After that just skin it and collect the reward.

Machete Hunt: Unblemished Bear
Time to hunt down something else you would otherwise not want to deal with using melee: 2 bears. This is a case of having some Deadly Hunter on hand so you can ramp up your strength. It is recommended to get the Tonto especially for this one. Between the two factors it will take only 3 – 4 strikes to down each bear. Still, take some time to ensure that you have a good compliment of Health Syringes if you do not have the Tonto.

Head to the Southwest from the Bridge Control Outpost, crossing the river to the gear up point. Head nearby the shack to begin the mission proper. Head South from the gear up point and look for a cave to the right. When you first spot the cave, it should be a distance, use the Hunter's Instinct to find the 2 bears. Quickly mark them with a scope or your camera. Now, pull out some Deadly Hunter and use it. Once you kill one of the bears, the other will attack you. Between the boost in damage from the Tonto and Deadly Hunter, it will not be long before both bears are dead. You can still get very hurt in the process but not likely enough to kill you.