Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 95 – Outpost Guide Part 22: Bridge Control

Move in toward this Outpost from the mountain South of it. There you can see most of the soldiers that wander the compound without much difficulty. This compound contains 2 Soldiers, 2 Chargers and a Sniper with a RPG-7. Outside of the compound you have a Soldier and a Sniper manning the bridge. It also has 2 Alarm Post which makes it harder to deal with in general.

Approach it from the East. Wait for the Sniper and the Charger to be talking, or just for the Sniper to be looking elsewhere. Use this window of opportunity to sneak around to the Northern end of camp. There you can easily disable the alarm post by getting at the Northern most one without any trouble. Now wait for the Charger and the Sniper to stop talking. When the Charger gets to his position near the fence, throw a rock toward it to lure him over there. When his back is to you quickly move in and take him down. Now, move into the nearby bush at the left-hand end of the cargo container. Look up and wait for the Sniper up there to start down the stairs. Once he goes back up, follow him. Use this time to get behind him and while he is in the house, take him down. If you take him down at his post, be sure you also take out the soldier across the way to ensure calm.

Just 2 Privateers left to deal with in here. Sneak up on one and use a Knife Throw takedown to get the other. This will likely alert the one soldier patrolling out front so get into cover then gun him down quickly. Now move to the right and head over to the edge of the bridge. There you will find the final Sniper

Sneak in from the East while the Sniper and the Charger are talking. Get behind the building and disable the alarm. Wait for the Sniper to get up to their post. Go up behind them and take them down. You are now in a great position to quickly deal with the rest of the men as they will come running at you or gunning for you. Just be wary of the second Sniper over by the Bridge. If they get into the fight it gets more dangerous.

Take Over:
When you take over this Outpost you will gain access to the Fast Travel Point and Automated Store in the Safe House. 2 Paths of the Hunter and the story quest, “Home Delivered” become available with a new Poker game and Island Racing League Challenge. Head inside the Safe house to find another Memory Card just inside.