Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 94 – Sidequests – Dirty Work

Get to the location and head inside the hut. There are a number of Islanders who have been shot. One of them is still alive: Joseph. Talk with him to learn more of what happened and to start the quest. If the man is not against the wall, the quest is glitched and you will need  to reload your save file. This man will want to go and find the 3 Privateers who attacked his family and killed them.

First Privateer
Head to the Northwest, up the hill, to the first marker. You will find a small Outpost the Privateers control. Your target is one of them. Move up from the Southwestern side and you can easily mark all of them without much risk of detection. You have 2 chargers, the target and a Heavy. The Heavy is the big concern but also next to the house you are by if you came out from the Northeast. If possible, take down the Heavy first as they are the biggest threat. Head to the North and let the other Chargers move away and search the area.  After that, the odds are a lot better and you can simply engage the remaining forces. Sneaking would have you go around to the opposite side of the encampment and wait for the target to get close enough and just pick the rest off via opportunities. If nothing else, you can simply head into the first house and Snipe the target and be done with it.

Second Privateer
This time you want to head to the North from the first encampment. You will find the Privateer encampment without too much trouble. Now, head over to the Northeastern part of the camp and hide behind the shack there. You will be able to see your target clearly on the river. He is on a boat next to another sniper. Pull out your long range weapon and pick him off. Otherwise you have 3 Snipers and 2 soldiers to deal with.

Third Privateer
Head to the Northeast from the second encampment. You need to make it to the small islet in the river to find the final Privateer. Head over to it and you will find your target talking with 2 other soldiers. There are 2 more in the area but they are down the slope. Quickly approach them as they start to move away and take them all down. If you do not want to bother with all that, then simply pick off the target and head for a boat.

With all the Privateers killed. Head back to Joseph. If you can get a boat it will not take too long to finish out. Just head back into the house and talk with him again to finish the quest.