Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 93 – Sidequests – Father's Burden

Head into Thurston Town. Only a little to the South of the Safe house you will find the Islander who is offering this side quest. This Seto, wants you to find 3 different people and get the items that they stole from his boat back for him.

Locate and Speak With the Gamlber
Head over to the Western side of Thurston Town. This gambler wants you to go into the nearby Poker game and win $300 back from the Poker Players. Head into the Crazy Cock, the nearby bar. Once inside you will be called over to join the poker game in progress there. If you are good at Texas Hold'em Poker, go for whatever difficulty you want. Otherwise, just keep it to novice. The goal is not just to win back the gambler's money but to drive the other players away from the table. If you leave before all the others have left, then you need to start over.

This game plays like any of the other poker games on Rook Island. If you know what you are doing, play normally. For those less experienced in poker but still want to complete this quest, use the Help option to see what is going on. This will let you know your difference chances to get particular card combinations. You can still lose a hand but it is not hard to make it through without too many loses. Just watch the players and learn how to get them to fold or bid. It takes some time to do this so be ready for it.

The Wristwatch
This has you needing to sneak up on the drunk and steal the watch back from him. Head out of town to the South to find this fellow. You need to sneak up on him and take him down to avoid anything really bad. Regardless you just need to kill him and loot the body to find the watch.

The Fillet Knife
Head over to the East now to the next marker. You need to find and kill this fellow to get the knife back. You will find him with 3 other Privateers. They are arguing about something. Just get a grenade round between them all for a quick kill or use something with a blast to deal with them quickly. This is the last one then you can head back to the Seto and complete the quest.