Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 92 – Sidequests – Cargo Dump

Head on out to the marker for this quest. Once there go inside the house to find the Islander who wants Jason to do something. After the Islander stops ranting, grab the scanner that is to the right of him.

Head to the accident site
Head on down the slope to the marker. You will find a number of boxes scattered around. Time to start searching for the ones that matter.

Box 1
Head to the South, down the path. Just head straight down the hill. You will find yourself basically on top of the first box. Just look a little to the left and you will find it without any trouble. Now just find the barcode on the box and take a photograph of it.

Box 2
Continue to the South along the path that first box was found on. Be careful as there is likely a bear and a snake in the area. The bear will make plenty of noise and come at you. The snake will hiss and rattle, only attacking you if you get close to its boxes on the right-hand side of the path. At  the bottom of the path, you will find a wrecked truck. To the left of that you will find the boxes you are looking for. Focus on the one on the left. Circle around it until you find the barcode. Once again, take a photograph of it.

Box 3
Head across the river now to the Southwestern bank. You will see a cargo container there. Head over to it and look at the back of it, the part near the water. Look at the door. You will notice a chain and padlock. Pull out a gun and shoot the padlock off. This will open part of the container. Head inside and and look for the white package on the floor. Take a photo of it and exit the cargo container.

Box 4
Turn to the South and head down the river. Be careful in the water as there is likely a crocodile in there with you. Go down the left-hand side of the creek and get onto the rocks on the right bank. You will notice some boxes ahead. Go over to them and look behind them. You will find another small white package. Snap a photograph of the barcode.

Box 5
Turn to the Southwest and follow the river for a short while. Dive off the waterfall. Once you land, turn over to the right and swim for the bank there. Now that you are on the Western bank, look for the vines that are draped over one of the rocks. Climb them up. Once at the top be wary of the snake that likes to sun there. Look to the right and you will see a climbable ledge you can run and jump over to. From there jump to the second ledge. Just a little ways into the waterfall from there and you will find the final package sitting on a rock. Just take the photograph and the side quest is complete.