Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 92 – Sidequests – A Connection To The Past

Head to the Temple Gateway Fast Travel Point. Go to the East from there to make it to the starting point of this quest. You will find an Islander muttering to themselves as they poke at the ground. Talk with them to learn what they want. Simham wants you to track down all the lost tablets. There are 3 total in the area and it should be a quick quest.

Tablet 1
Head over to the let of Simham and then go up the slope. At the top look to the left. You will see a small shrine there. Head over to it and go inside. In the back left you will see the first tablet sitting there.

Tablet 2
This one is very close, making it an ideal first grab. Head to the Northeast and into the temple that is nearby. Go in and down the stairs. If you head straight across the shallow pool you will find one of the Spider Relics. Now head over to the North and then to the Northeast. You will need to dive into a pool when the walkway drops down. Dive into here and head for the center to find a Shark Relic waiting for you.

Collection aside, grab the shark Relic and turn around, looking toward the stairs. From there look to the floor between them. There you will find the second tablet. It is very easy to overlook and takes some effort to find, even knowing where it is.

Tablet 3
Head to the final marker to the South of the temple you are at. You will find a second, smaller, ruin here at the marker. Head up the stairs and then over to the right. Turn to the left and go up the nearby stairs toward the first tower. Directly from the stairs you will find a climbable ledge. Take it on up. You will find a wall that you need to blast. Pull out some C4, plant it and then back away. Detonate and climb back up. Head through the new hole and across the bridge on the other side. You will find a ladder blocking the direct path to the tablet. If you go up it you will find a Relic waiting on top for you. If you just want t the tablet head over to the left. Hug against the building and go through the first opening on the right to collect the final table.

Return to Simham
Head back to the starting point and you will find Simham ecstatic about you finding the tablets.