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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 91 – Sidequests – Supply Drops, Wanted: Dead
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/24/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the sidequests Supply Drops, "Wanted: Dead", where Jason accepts the quest at Long View and hunts down 2 Snipers.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 91 – Sidequests – Supply Drops, Wanted: Dead

Supply Drop: X:454.7 , Y:470.3
Head out over to the location and grab the vehicle. You have 50 seconds for this supply drop quest. Start on the road in front of you for the first flare, up the hill to the left. Over the crest of the hill you will find the second flare just in front of you. Steer slightly more to the left after that and follow the next couple flares in a straight line. Eventually it will lead to the hillside face. Slide into it and break to the right. Slow down for this part and head around the bend to the final flare.

Supply Drop: X: 457.2, Y:362.6
This marks the final supply drop quest. Head out to the location and grab the vehicle. You will have 45 seconds to complete the run. Start going straight forward and hold that course. You will be going over numerous cliffs to be ready for some disorientation. After a number of drops, you will encounter a flare on the road. Turn to the left as you hit that flare. Now follow the road for 2 more flares. After that, bear to the left and go down the slope, at an angle to make it. Hold a steady course to get back onto the next road. From there just floor it. It is a short run to the final flare. Make it and everything is good.

Wanted: Dead – Longshore View
At Longshore View you will find this mission on the Bulletin Board. You need to track down 2 Snipers and their troop and take them out. Head to the Northeast along the road to begin your search. Just run over there as it allows for better access and less moving around and avoiding mountains.

It is best to come at the village from the Southwest. From the hillside there you can find your target and get marks onto most of the soldiers there. You have 5 Chargers, a Dog and a Heavy Soldier in addition to the 2 Leaders. To get into the area quietly slip over to the Eastern edge and go to the break in the fencing. Throw a rock against the fence to lure the nearby charger out so you can kill him discreetly. Head over to the right and look through the opening to find the second leader. Mark him to make him easier to find later on.

Now, head along the Southern edge of the camp to get behind the first of the 2 Leaders you can reach. Wait for the nearby Heavy to move away then you can easily take him down, and if possible, move the body behind the shack. This will stop detection. Now turn to the right and throw a rock into the house across the way while the Heavy is nearby it. Loop behind the hut in the mean time and take out the other soldier, dragging his body behind the hut as well. Return to near where the first commander was. Throw another rock into the house to lure the Heavy in there. Sneak up behind him and take him down if possible. Otherwise just got for lots of head shots.

After that, head into the house and go nearby the door in the back right. Throw a rock against the wall to lure a previously unnoticed charger into the house. Take him down and move down to the house just down the hill. Go over to the left-hand side of it and throw a rock to the left, against the fence. This will lure one or two soldiers over. Thankfully they will only investigate one at a time if you are still unnoticed. Kill one and this will likely get the second to come and investigate. Kill him when he comes to examine his comrades corpse. This will just leave the second leader and the dog. Head over to the West and throw a rock past the bushes. This will lure the dog away from the leader and you can easily shoot it with a silenced weapon to avoid drawing the attention of the leader. Now just wait for the leader to be looking through his scope and use that time to move in and take him down.